Aviation Industry Struggles to Find Workers Amidst Surge in Hiring Needs

Aviation flight crew at the door of an aircraft.
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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage industries worldwide, the aviation industry is facing a significant talent shortage. According to AirlineJobs.com, airlines and aerospace companies are experiencing an unprecedented surge in hiring across various roles and locations.

Despite the pandemic’s economic challenges, the aviation industry is now seeing a considerable increase in recruitment needs for pilots, cabin crew, customer service representatives, engineers, IT specialists, production staff, and quality control personnel.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a need for 18,100 airline and commercial pilots annually over the next decade, with Boeing alone aiming to hire 10,000 manufacturing and engineering professionals this year.

According to Boeing’s 2019 estimation, the aviation industry will require 800,000 new pilots and 750,000 new aviation technicians to meet the demand, with 44,000 new aircraft expected to take flight within the next two decades.

Recently, Tata Group’s airline, Air India, signed the world’s largest civil aviation deal of 470 aircraft with Airbus and Boeing, requiring the hiring of more than 6,500 pilots to operate the new aircraft.

Meanwhile, Chinese carriers are also on a hiring spree, aiming to fill vacancies that emerged during the pandemic.

As travel restrictions ease, airlines and aerospace companies are struggling to catch up, filling the gaps left by retiring or alternative career-seeking professionals.

Even before the pandemic, the aviation industry faced challenges finding and retaining skilled professionals, particularly pilots.

“The aviation industry faces many recruitment challenges going forward. Airlines must reassure workers entering the market who may not trust the stability of a job in aviation after the shock of the pandemic.”

“Additionally, they must make the recruitment process more attractive and get young people interested in the industry early on.”

“However, the primary challenge for the aviation industry will be finding and attracting the right talent to fill these positions,” Shaikh Saad said, spokesperson at AirlineJobs.com.

As the aviation industry continues to face unprecedented challenges, AirlineJobs.com is committed to delivering innovative solutions to help airlines and aerospace companies hire the right talent, helping the industry recover and thrive.

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