Amalfi Jets CEO: Addressing the Reported Rise of Aviation Incidents

A pilot pre-flights a Learjet.
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With a heightened interest in aviation-related incidents, following the recent press of commercial air travel, public trust in the industry has wavered.

Kolin Jones, an Embry-Riddle Alumni, Pilot, and Founder & CEO of Los Angeles-based private jet charter provider Amalfi Jets, discusses the status of the industry at present.

In this article, he contextualizes the facts and myths that are being put out by the media.

Maintenance-related Incidents are Not New

“While these minor maintenance-related incidents are troubling, they are nothing new to the industry,” Jones said.

“What is happening is these aviation issues are getting more press attention than ever, and this has increased public concern.”

The largest issue recently is the lack of education and follow-up from companies experiencing safety issues. Clientele see shocking news images, like a smoking engine, with no explanation of what is happening in the clip.

“Transparency is at the heart of solving the fear of flying produced by recent issues,” Jones said.

“Airlines must educate their clients on what went wrong and inform them of their safety procedures for peace of mind. It is true that commercial aircraft are still the safest form of mass transportation.”

Media’s Sensationalized Reporting

Jones called attention to the root of the issue being the reporting of aviation issues, rather than statistical evidence on an increase in accidents.

“The frequency at which safety issues have been reported in the first quarter of 2024 is unusual in the aviation industry,” Jones said.

“Yet, this increase in reporting is not necessarily indicative of a decrease in safety, rather, an uptick in press coverage.”

Decline in GA Accidents

For example, data from the National Transportation Safety Board shows that in 2022, general aviation accidents by calendar year have declined overall from 2008 to 2022. Further, fatal accidents on Part 135 flights in 2022 were the lowest they have been since 2008.

“The recent aviation incidents are not less frequent than other years, contrary to popular belief,” Jones said.

“However, sensationalist news coverage and social media trends have brought more attention to the issues with little explanation on what went wrong.”

As a private jet charter provider, Amalfi Jets is aware of the negative perception of airline safety. The operator commits to openly sharing all their safe operating procedures with clients.

About Amalfi Jets

Amalfi Jets offers a wide range of services as a global private jet charter and jet card provider.

It offers access to over 3,500 aircraft across 170+ countries. Amalfi Jets’ clients enjoy the convenience of booking every part of their trip through one trusted company.

Further, Amalfi Jets is a Wyvern registered broker and only works with third-party accredited operators that meet all FAA regulations according to ARGUS, Wyvern, and IS-BAO.

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