Air Canada Still Hasn’t Reached 2019 Capacity Levels

Air Canada Still Hasn't Reached 2019 Capacity Levels
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Based on data provided by, Air Canada still hasn’t reached 2019 capacity levels in terms of movement statistics.

There was a slight return to such levels at the start of the year, but since then, the airline still has a lot to do to catch up to such levels.

Without further ado, let’s get into the numbers…

Air Canada’s Numbers…

Air Canada Still Hasn't Reached 2019 Capacity Levels
Data provided by

For March 19-26, the airline achieved 877 movements, based on a seven-day rolling average provided by the flight tracking company.

This represents an increase of 24.40% compared to the same period last year, where 705 movements were handled.

Below is Air Canada’s performance for 2023 so far:

Date2019 Numbers2022 Numbers2023 NumbersPercentage Difference (2023 vs. 2022)
January 1-8490 movements710 movements836 movements+17.75%
January 8-15887 movements636 movements926 movements+45.60%
January 15-221093 movements572 movements930 movements+62.59%
January 22-291034 movements572 movements889 movements+55.42%
January 29-February 51023 movements551 movements911 movements+65.34%
February 5-121028 movements578 movements933 movements+61.42%
February 12-191113 movements602 movements952 movements+58.14%
February 19-261144 movements649 movements927 movements+42.84%
February 26-March 51131 movements704 movements899 movements+27.70%
March 5-121125 movements714 movements980 movements+37.25%
March 12-191097 movements716 movements873 movements+21.93%


What we can see from the data is that Air Canada is offering significant growth compared to the same period in 2022.

The carrier has been close in terms of achieving pre-pandemic levels, but still more work is yet to be done in order to exceed those numbers.

The Airline Has Been Making Strides…

Air Canada Still Hasn't Reached 2019 Capacity Levels
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Air Canada has been making strides in the last year, with its 4Q22 performance a significant indicator of that.

The airline doubled its Q4 passenger revenue results in 2022 compared to 2021 and exceeded its pre-pandemic Q4 2019 results by 2%.

In a statement issued on 17 February, Air Canada announced record Q4 passenger revenues of over 4 billion Canadian Dollars (CAD).

In addition, record Q4 operating revenues of over 4.6 billion CAD were disclosed, which was 71% higher than Q4 2021 and 6% higher than Q4 2019.

For its full-year results, Air Canada announced that passenger revenues of 14.238 billion CAD had more than tripled its 2021 results and recovered its performance to approximately 83% of 2019 passenger revenues.

Operating revenues in 2022 had recovered to 250% of 2021 results, with a result of 16.556 billion CAD and at approximately 87% of the figures seen in 2019.

The airline made a loss of 493 million CAD in Q4 2021 due to the pandemic restrictions. For full-year 2022 results, the carrier made a 1.7 billion CAD loss, compared to a 3.6 billion CAD loss in 2021.

The positive performance in Q4 2022 has clearly assisted in improving the carrier’s recovery, reducing losses and debts incurred due to and since the pandemic.

CEO and President Michael Rousseau said that their performance was attributable to “the deep resilience we have built into our company for long-term stability.”


Photo Credit: Jamie Clarke/AviationSource

It remains clear that Air Canada is making improvements, but it is unclear when it will achieve 2019 levels.

Ahead of the Summer 2023 season, this is an ample opportunity to just do that, especially with the resumption of some services across its network.

But for now, all eyes are on Air Canada to see how the rest of the year will go for the carrier.

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