Paris Air Show Recap Day 2: ATR’s Highlights from Today

An ATR 72 aircraft parked on display.
Photo Credit: ATR

Chief Executive Officer of ATR, Nathalie Tarnaud Laude took the stage in a media briefing on Day Two of the Paris Air Show.

Now approaching the nine-month mark in her role as CEO the manufacturer, Laude discussed her plans for the future of ATR. We mentioned in yesterday’s Day One analysis that the key catch cry of ATR’s platform would be sustainability and environmental footprint.

Laude today outlined the company’s commitment to providing the most advanced and environmentally friendly regional aircraft in the market.

She also offered insights into the state of the regional aviation industry and shared the latest news and developments from ATR.

“We have a strong purpose – we design and build aircraft, but more than that we connect communities and businesses in complex operational environments that, most of the time, no other aircraft could serve,” said Laude in overview.

ATR 72-600 orders

During a briefing held today, CEO Nathalie Tarnaud Laude announced firm orders for 22 new aircraft, plus 2 options. In summary, these orders are: 

  • 6 ATR 72-600 from Mandarin Airlines 
  • 2 ATR 72-600 with “All-Business Class” premium configuration from Berjaya Air 
  • 3 ATR 72-600 from Azul, plus options for 2 additional aircraft 
  • 8 ATR 72-600 from 3 undisclosed customers 
  • 3 ATR 42-600 from 2 undisclosed customers.  

Mandarin Airlines

ATR received firm orders for six ATR 72-600 aircraft from Mandarin Airlines, a well-established Taiwanese carrier.

Mandarin Airlines is the regional subsidiary of Taiwan flag carrier China Airlines. The delivery schedule for the six aircraft is set to take place from the end 2023 through to 2025.

Berjaya Air

Malaysian airline Berjaya Air has signed a Heads of Agreement for two ATR 72-600. Both aircraft will be in an “All-Business Class” configuration, which is part of the new ATR HighLine premium collection of cabin interiors. They will have a 1-1 layout with individual outboard side stowage. Deliveries are planned for 2025 and 2026.


Brazilian carrier Azul lodged an order for three ATR 72-600 aircraft, with an option for two more.

On top of these disclosed acquisitions, ATR received orders for eight ATR 72-600 aircraft from three undisclosed customers.

Recovery of the Asian regional market

Laude went on to note the recovery of the Asian regional commuter market. The manufacturer has observed recovery signs from the market as traffic in Asia picks up again.

Also confirmed is the appeal for low-emission and versatile regional aircraft to provide inclusive and responsible connectivity. 

With Southeast Asia South-East Asia, traditionally being one of it’s largest markets, Laude expressed the manufacturers confidence that, in due time, the lack of second-hand aircraft available and traffic exceeding pre-Covid levels, would make their product to lucrative proposition for fleet replacement and growth.

Ramping up production

Laude confirmed the manufacturers plans to ramp up deliveries to reach in excess of 40 units in 2023. Despite continued tensions with supply chain issues, ATR confirmed it was on track to meet this delivery target for the year.

Speaking on the matter of further sales, Laude says: “We are confident to add more before the end of the year.”

Laude also flagged an increase in manpower to support the manufacturers initiatives this year.

To continue to support its production ramp up and plans for the future, including the ongoing development of its Short Take-Off and Landing variant, the manufacturer is looking for more forward-thinking talents, targeting a 12% employee increase this year.  


ATR has moved ahead steadily today, and we look forward to watching further progress across the week at the Paris Air Show.

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 5 Min Read
5 Min Read
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