Dubai Air Show Recap Day 2: Another Slow Day for Airbus

Dubai Air Show Recap Day 2: Another Slow Day for Airbus
Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

It has been another slow day for Airbus on the orders front at the Dubai Air Show, with all eyes being on whether anymore will be announced this week.

One order was announced by the European planemaker this week, but some concerning items have come out of the airshow over the course of today.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

EGYPTAIR Signs for 10 Airbus A350-900s…

Dubai Air Show Recap Day 2: Another Slow Day for Airbus
Photo Credit: Airbus.

Following EGYPTAIR’s shopping spree with Air Lease Corporation yesterday for 18 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, the carrier placed an order with Airbus today at the Dubai Air Show for 10 A350-900 aircraft.

It is understood that deliveries of the type will begin in 2025, securing some good delivery slots ahead of their 777s on lease being returned.

Commenting on the order was EGYPTAIR’s Chairman & CEO Yehia Zakaria:

“EGYPTAIR is a key partner of Airbus in the Middle East and Africa. We take immense pride in this partnership aimed at furthering the aviation industry.”

“Our focus lies in the enhancement of our fleet to embrace some of the most contemporary aircraft available”.

“EGYPTAIR has firmed up an agreement with Airbus to procure 10 A350-900 aircraft, each boasting a capacity of 340 seats.”

“These aircraft come equipped with cutting-edge technologies and Rolls-Royce XWB Trent engines, known for their modern design and reduced fuel emissions and consumption.”

“As we tackle growing demand across our network, this aircraft is the optimal choice. 

Adding to this was Airbus Sales Chief Christian Scherer:

“Once delivered the A350-900 will be EGYPTAIR’s flagship aircraft.”

“Adding the world’s most modern and efficient widebody aircraft to the airline’s fleet will be instrumental in expanding its offering, opening new opportunities particularly in Western US and the far East”.

Turkish Airlines Order Announcement “Unlikely” To Be At The Dubai Air Show…

Dubai Air Show Recap Day 2: Another Slow Day for Airbus
Photo Credit: Airbus.

It was also revealed today that the blockbuster order from Turkish Airlines which gained a lot of attention last weekend in Istanbul won’t be announced at the Dubai Air Show by Airbus.

@AirInsight reports that whilst it’s unlikely to be announced, the order has been confirmed, “but a public announcement has no priority”.

As a reminder, this is what the order looks like:

  • 250 A321neos.
  • 75 A350-900s.
  • 15 A350-1000s.
  • 5 A350 Freighters.

It is revealing how Airbus are not prioritising this as it would definitely increase their order presence in the scoreboard for the airshow. However, with the order being a “done deal” in Istanbul, there may not be scope for this.

Maybe some more orders are on the cards for this week?

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Emirates Sir Tim Clark Shuts Down Prospect of an Airbus A350 Order…

Photo Credit: Airbus.

Earlier today, Bloomberg reported that the prospects of another Emirates Airbus A350 order has been shut down, with the airline’s president Sir Tim Clark shutting this down in front of journalists today.

The report states that the airline is in the market for 35-50 more A350-900s. However, engine issues on the -1000 have caused Sir Clark to say the following:

“If they can do that at a maintenance cost per hour that’s alright for us. But it’s not doing that at the moment.”

He also added that the Rolls Royce engine, which exclusively powers the A350 is “defective”.

Sir Clark also mentioned that even if the list price offer was reduced, that Emirates would not compromise and generate an order at the Dubai Air Show either way.


Today could have been a better day for Airbus. However, with the Turkish Airlines news, this could mean that if an agreement has been made, then there may not be as much scope to unveil more orders.

If you included the agreement made in Istanbul compared to what Boeing has sold so far this week, they are ahead at the time of publication.

Either way, there are plenty more angles to be approached in terms of order for Airbus at the Dubai Air Show, and all eyes will be on them to see whether they can exploit it or not.

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