Bombardier Global 7500 debuts at Singapore Airshow

A Bombardier Global 7500 in flight over the ocean.
Photo Credit: Bombardier

Quebec-based aircraft manufacturer Bombardier has showcased its Global 7500 jet at this week’s Singapore Airshow

The largest and longest-range business aircraft currently certified and in service, the Global 7500 aircraft has cemented its position as the highest performing purpose-built business jet globally.

With a remarkable range exceeding 8,225 nautical miles, it has surpassed expectations. Bombardier has now delivered over 150 of these aircraft, showing a healthy industry demand and uptake.

Boasting unparalleled performance metrics, this aircraft sports a refined design and cutting-edge technology.

It’s appearance at this week’s Singapore Airshow puts it in front of the Asia Pacific market, with the manufacturer most likely hoping to showcase its regional appeal.

Asia-Pacific Market Appeal

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the Global 7500 sets new benchmarks in aviation. Its fleet dispatch reliability of over 99.8% underscores its reliability, making it a preferred choice for discerning clients worldwide.

In the past six months, the Global 7500 aircraft has built upon its long list of awards and has flown multiple record-breaking missions.

Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Bombardier’s Executive Vice President for Aircraft Sales and Bombardier Defense, emphasizes the aircraft’s appeal to the Asia-Pacific market.

Its blend of craftsmanship, innovation, and performance makes it the ideal option for long-distance travel and specialized missions.

Gallagher underscores Bombardier’s leadership in crafting industry-defining aircraft. He highlights the Global 7500’s superiority in terms of design, innovation, and performance, setting it apart as the epitome of luxury and functionality.


Performance of the Global 7500 Jet

The Global 7500 aircraft is not only a marvel in design, it packs a punch in performance as well. With a top speed approaching Mach 1 and an impressive range of 7,700 nautical miles, it has set numerous speed and distance records, further solidifying its reputation as a world-class aircraft.

Recent achievements, including setting multiple speed records, underscore the aircraft’s exceptional capabilities.

From transcontinental flights to intercontinental journeys, the Global 7500 has redefined the possibilities of long-range business travel.

Long-Distance Routes Enabled by the Global 7500

The aircraft unlocks several key long-distance routes, facilitating seamless travel between major global hubs.

From Singapore to San Francisco and beyond, the Global 7500 enables non-stop journeys, ensuring maximum efficiency and comfort for passengers.

At the heart of the Global 7500’s performance lies its engineering brilliance and technological innovation.

Bombardier Celebrates 150th Global 7500 Delivery
Photo Credit: Bombardier.

Smooth Flĕx Wing

The aircraft’s Smooth Flĕx Wing reduces drag, enhances fuel efficiency, and provides a remarkably smooth flight experience.

This innovation not only improves performance but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

Cabin Comfort and Luxury

Passengers onboard the Global 7500 are treated to an unparalleled level of luxury. The spacious interior features four distinct living areas, a fully equipped kitchen, and dedicated crew quarters, ensuring an indulgent and productive journey.

Nuage Seat and Soleil Lighting System

The Nuage seat, with its zero-gravity position, redefines comfort in aviation.

Paired with the Soleil lighting system, which adjusts based on the passengers’ circadian rhythms, the cabin environment promotes well-being and minimizes jet lag, enhancing the overall travel experience.

Bombardier’s Challenger and Global aircraft families are renowned for their cutting-edge innovation, cabin design, performance, and reliability.

Bombardier has a worldwide fleet of more than 5,000 aircraft in service with a wide variety of multinational corporations, charter and fractional ownership providers, governments, and private individuals.

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