Amazing Video of Boeing 777X in Le Bourget for #PAS23

Amazing Video of Boeing 777X in Le Bourget for #PAS23
Photo Credit: Harrison Rowe/AviationSource

Stunning footage has emerged of the Boeing 777X operating its validation flight in Le Bourget ahead of the Paris Air Show (#PAS23), starting on Monday.

The following video below from Firas Baghdadi shows the incredibly steep angle the aircraft climbs to before a heavy left-hand turn.

Data provided by


Data from RadarBox shows the routing it took on its validation flight, with the aircraft performing maneuvers over Le Bourget for #PAS23.

The Boeing 777X will be performing demonstration flights during the airshow to show off its operational capability.

Amazing Video of Boeing 777X in Le Bourget for #PAS23
The Boeing 777X seen at the Farnborough Air Show last year. Photo Credit: Harrison Rowe/AviationSource

N779XW is the aircraft in question that will be at the Paris Air Show (#PAS23), and will be on display for trade visitors to view alongside the 737 MAX 10 and the 787-9 painted in the Riyadh Air colors.

Boeing will want to utilize the 777X in getting some more orders for the aircraft type, both for its passenger and freighter variants.

Looking ahead, it’s going to be interesting to see what sort of sales momentum the planemaker will have following its successes at the Farnborough Air Show last year, as well as in 2023 so far.

For #PAS23, the focus could potentially be on carriers within Europe as well as the Far East and the Middle East too to secure orders for the 737 MAX, 777X, and 787 programs alike.

Stay tuned on AviationSource over the next couple of weeks as we will be attending the trade show to cover all things aircraft orders and more!

See you there next week!

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