Work commences on Vietnam’s Long Thanh Airport project

render of new Vietnam Long Thanh Airport layout.
Long Thanh International Airport Project

The VIETUR Consortium, led by IC İçtaş Construction, has won the contract for the terminal building of Long Thanh International Airport, one of Vietnam’s most prestigious projects.

The airport will initially serve 25 million passengers and handle 1.2 million tonnes of cargo per year. Once all phases are operational, the airport is expected to serve more than 100 million passengers per year.

IC İçtaş Construction took part in the groundbreaking ceremony for the Long Thanh International Airport project with the participation of Vietnam’s Prime Minister, Pham Minh Chinh.

Long Thanh International Airport

Long Thanh International Airport is poised to become Vietnam’s crown jewel, offering world-class facilities and capabilities. This sprawling aviation hub, located to the east of Ho Chi Minh City, is set to make history.

Initially designed to accommodate 25 million passengers annually and handle a staggering 1.2 million tonnes of cargo, its grand vision extends far beyond these impressive numbers.

Upon full operational deployment of all phases, it’s projected to cater to more than a staggering 100 million passengers per year. The scale of this endeavor is nothing short of breathtaking.


At the heart of this monumental endeavor stands the VIETUR Consortium. Leading this consortium is the Turkey-based IC İçtaş Construction, a heavyweight in the realm of construction and project management.

The project is underpinned by a $1.5 billion investment for the first phase.

A Swift and Strategic Plan

The VIETUR Consortium is on a tight schedule to make Long Thanh International Airport a tangible success. The initial phase, encompassing the construction of the terminal building and equipment installations, is slated for completion within a mere 39 months.

This ambitious timeline is a testament to the commitment and efficiency of the consortium. A workforce of over 10,000 employees is expected to pour their efforts into this awe-inspiring project, ensuring its timely realization.

Chairman Statement

The ground-breaking ceremony for the Long Thanh International Airport project was graced by Vietnam’s Prime Minister, Pham Minh Chinh, and other dignitaries.

At this occasion, IC İçtaş Construction Chairman Fırat Çeçen shared his perspective: “With this Long Thanh International Airport project, we are bringing our vast experience in construction and management to the Far East.”

“The VIETUR consortium includes leading Vietnamese companies in their respective fields. We aim to deliver the first phase of the Long Thanh International Airport project to international standards within 39 months, in close coordination with our local and international partners.”

The Importance of Collaboration

Mr. Çeçen further emphasized the importance of collaboration, underlining the consortium’s commitment to harmonious partnerships.

He acknowledged the role of Vietnamese companies in this transformative venture and expressed gratitude for the Vietnamese government’s dedication to key infrastructure projects.

The Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) also received commendation for its fair approach and unwavering support during the project’s preparatory phase. This steadfast backing from ACV is anticipated to play a pivotal role in the project’s journey.

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