Which UK Airports Are Facing The Longest Delays?

Which UK Airports Are Facing The Longest Delays?
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If you are a frequent flyer in the UK, delays at the airport can occur regularly. So which ones face the longest delays?

Tripplo.com conducted some research into this, using data from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

The Top 10 List for UK Airport Delays…

Which UK Airports Are Facing The Longest Delays?
Photo sourced from conde nast traveler.

The top 10 list for UK airports with the highest delays are as follows:


As we can see, Aberdeen Airport had the highest average delay in 2023, at 20.70 minutes.

London Stansted gets the #10 spot, with an average delay of 12.43 minutes.

Positions two to nine also have close figures in terms of this disruption, which is also interesting to note.

Big Difference in the Length…

Which UK Airports Are Facing The Longest Delays?
Photo sourced from conde nast traveler.

Axel Hernborg, founder of Tripplo.com said the following on the findings from the study:

“While it’s never ideal for any of your flights to be delayed, you’ll likely experience it at some point, especially if you’re a frequent flyer.”

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“That being said, it’s interesting to see the big difference in the length of delays at certain UK airports, and it will be worth seeing if this correlates with the number of cancellations at each of these airports as well.”

“With the summer holidays also coming up, whether the amount of cancellations we have seen across the UK in recent years keeps up will be worth noting too.”


Photo sourced from conserve energy future.

Delays at airports continue to be a problem in UK airports, with airlines & operators working hard to fix this.

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see whether this will be addressed over the course of 2024.

For operators, on-time performance is typically a key metric which is utilised and monitored consistently.

As we approach the Summer 2024 season, minimisation of delays will be an absolute priority.

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