Washington’s Main Airport Is Performing Stronger

Washington's Main Airport Is Performing Stronger
Joe Ravi, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Washington Dulles International Airport is beginning to perform stronger as it continues its positive attempts to exceed pre-pandemic capacity.

Using data from RadarBox.com, we can see that the airport is dipping in and out of that all-important 2019 benchmark.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Washington Dulles’ Numbers…

Washington's Main Airport Is Performing Stronger
Data provided by RadarBox.com.

For June 27-July 4, Washington Dulles handled 827 movements, which is 0.61% higher than the same period last year, based on a seven-day rolling average provided by the flight tracking company.


Compared to pre-pandemic levels, this is around 33 movements higher, which shows the positive trend that the airport is aiming to achieve.

Below is the last four weeks’ worth of data for the airport:

Date2019 Numbers2022 Numbers2023 NumbersPercentage Difference (2023 vs. 2022)
May 30-June 6891 movements801 movements806 movements+0.62%
June 6-13932 movements795 movements885 movements+11.32%
June 13-20895 movements832 movements857 movements+3.00%
June 20-27902 movements865 movements842 movements-2.66%

The data for Washington Dulles shows that they are indeed dipping in and out of exceeding the pre-pandemic figures, which shows how close they are.

As we get into the busier periods of the season, such as July 4th and other events happening, we will no doubt see a positive uptick in movements for the airport.

Looking ahead, all eyes will be on the airport to see how much further they can take this over the course of the Summer 2023 season and whether a level of consistent positivity can be implemented beyond 2023.

By James Field - Editor in Chief 2 Min Read
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