Vancouver International gains $74.3M boost to cargo capacity

Aerial view of Vancouver Airport
Alejandro Erickson, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Vancouver International Airport is set to undergo a significant expansion, thanks to an investment of up to $74.3 million from the Transport Canada National Trade Corridors Fund.

This transformative project, spearheaded by Canada’s Minister of Transport, Pablo Rodriguez, aims to fortify the airport’s position as a vital hub for cargo operations.

Upgrading Infrastructure

The core of this expansion lies in bolstering the airport’s infrastructure to efficiently handle increased cargo volume. The project encompasses several key aspects:

Parking Space Capacity Boost

To accommodate the burgeoning demand for air cargo, the Vancouver International Airport is set to increase its parking space capacity.

The expansion will enable the terminal to handle four additional widebody freighter aircraft simultaneously, facilitating smoother cargo movements.


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Access Road Upgrade

Recognizing the importance of seamless connectivity, an access road upgrade is on the agenda. This enhancement aims to streamline the flow of traffic, ensuring a more efficient movement of goods within the airport premises.

New Air Cargo Warehouse

Anticipating future needs, the project will also prepare the site for the construction of a state-of-the-art air cargo warehouse.

This addition will further augment the airport’s ability to manage and process cargo effectively.

A Boost for Canadian Carriers

The positive ripple effect of this expansion extends to Canadian carriers, including industry giants like Air Canada, WestJet, and Cargojet.

By providing enhanced facilities, the project aims to propel the growth of these carriers, solidifying their positions on the global stage.

The significance of this project goes beyond the airport’s confines, reaching into key sectors that drive Canada’s economic growth.

Industries such as advanced manufacturing and pharmaceuticals heavily rely on efficient air cargo operations.

Additionally, traditional sectors like agriculture and fisheries benefit from reliable export shipments, ensuring perishable items reach global markets promptly.

Environmental Impact

Beyond economic benefits, the expansion project emphasizes environmental sustainability.

With an estimated reduction of up to 25% in pollution generated by air cargo movements, the Vancouver International Airport is taking a significant step towards a greener transportation system in Canada.

By making room for fuel-efficient widebody freighter aircraft, the airport aligns itself with eco-friendly practices while handling increased cargo demands.

Projected Impact

The foresight invested in this expansion project for Vancouver International Airport is set to yield substantial benefits.

With an expected reduction of truck travel by up to 229 million kilometers over 30 years, local exporters will enjoy improved highway safety, and greenhouse gas emissions will see a significant decrease.

The anticipated boost in cargo capacity by 160,000 tonnes translates to a remarkable $22 billion increase in Canada’s trade potential annually.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 3 Min Read
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