Transport Minister requests new Archerfield Airport Master Plan

Aerial view of Archerfield Airport, Queensland.
Kgbo, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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The Australian federal Minister for Transport has expressed concerns with crucial details surrounding environmental impact management, land use and future development in the Archerfield Airport Master Plan draft.

Accordingly, Minister the Hon Catherine King MP has directed Archerfield Airport Corporation (AAC) to review and re-submit a new draft Master Plan within 180 days.

Archerfield Airport, situated in the heart of Brisbane, holds a significant role as a metropolitan airport and a vital hub for general aviation in Queensland.

It plays a pivotal role in supporting corporate and charter flights, flying training, and various aviation maintenance services.

Addressing Concerns for Comprehensive Planning

In a recent development, the Hon Catherine King MP, the Australian Minister for Transport, has raised some concerns regarding the current draft Master Plan submitted by the Archerfield Airport Corporation (AAC).

The Minister’s primary concerns revolved around the lack of adequate detail in various crucial aspects such as land use, future developments, and environmental impact management.


One of the central issues highlighted by the minister is the absence of a clear strategic direction for the airport’s economic and efficient development over the next two decades.

The Master Plan should serve as a blueprint for long-term growth, ensuring that the airport evolves in a way that maximizes its potential while catering to the diverse needs of aviation stakeholders, the local community, and the aviation industry at large.

Precinct Planning and User Communication

Another significant gap in the draft Master Plan is the failure to effectively communicate the intended uses of the different precincts within the airport site.

Providing transparency about the purposes of each precinct is crucial for not only the airport users but also the local community and the aviation industry. A well-defined plan will foster a clearer understanding of how each area contributes to the overall aviation ecosystem.

The Minister’s concerns also extend to the proposed approach to land use and its alignment with the present and future requirements of civil aviation and other airport users.

It is imperative that the Master Plan accounts for the evolving needs of aviation operations, ensuring that the airport remains adaptable and capable of supporting the changing demands of the industry.

Engaging the Community and Addressing Noise Concerns

Community engagement is an integral part of any development plan, and this holds true for Archerfield Airport as well.

The draft Master Plan’s approach to consulting the community on potential aircraft noise impacts related to general aviation operations has raised concerns.

The local community’s input is invaluable for creating a balanced plan that addresses noise concerns while also enabling the growth of aviation activities.

Collaborative Planning for the Future

Recognizing the significance of collaboration, the Australian government has urged the Archerfield Airport Corporation to actively involve all relevant stakeholders during the preparation of the fresh draft Master Plan.

This inclusive approach ensures that the perspectives and concerns of various parties, including local residents, aviation professionals, and regulatory bodies, are adequately considered.

It’s important to note that while the current 2017 Master Plan remains effective, the Australian government’s support of the airport’s sustainable growth means that changes are on the horizon.

The forthcoming fresh draft Master Plan, expected within 180 days, presents an opportunity to address the concerns raised by the Minister and to chart an appropriate course for Archerfield Airport that embraces both development and environmental responsibility.

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