Toronto Pearson Reclaims ‘Best Airport North America’ Ranking

An aerial view of Toronto Pearson International Airport
Photo Credit: Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Toronto Pearson international Airport has reclaimed the title of “Best Airport over 40 Million Passengers in North America” for the sixth time in seven years.

This prestigious recognition comes from Airports Council International (ACI) – World, the leading global airport trade association.

Recent ACI Award

The award is part of ACI World’s renowned Airport Service Quality (ASQ) program. Unlike other surveys, ASQ leverages data directly from passengers who have traversed Toronto Pearson, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

This scientific approach provides valuable insights for airports worldwide to continuously refine and elevate the passenger experience.

“This award reflects the unwavering dedication of our entire team,” said Deborah Flint, President and CEO of Toronto Pearson.

“We’re committed to enhancing every aspect of the passenger journey, from implementing innovative digital tools for greater control to deploying advanced equipment and revitalizing key assets. “

“The Pearson Standard, launched in 2023, further reinforces this commitment by establishing clear performance benchmarks for all airport partners.”

View across Toronto-Pearson Airport
Photo Credit: Jiaqian AirplaneFan via Wikimedia Commons.

On Top Since 2017

Toronto Pearson’s reign as the top North American airport began in 2017 and continued for five consecutive years. This latest accolade underscores their ongoing pursuit of excellence.

“The ASQ Awards celebrate not just exceptional customer service but also the dedication and innovation that drives it,” remarked Luis Felipe de Oliveira, Director General of ACI World.

“Congratulations to Toronto Pearson for redefining the airport experience! Your commitment sets a high bar for airports globally.”

This recognition coincides with Toronto Pearson’s return to Forbes’ “Canada’s Best Employers” list in 2024. The airport ranked 210th overall and 9th within the Transportation and Logistics sector.

This latest achievement further highlights their dedication to creating a positive and rewarding workplace environment.

A view across Toronto Pearson International Airport.
Robert Linsdell from St. Andrews, Canada, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Toronto Pearson: A Hub for Canadian Aviation

Toronto Pearson Airport’s consistent recognition as a passenger experience leader isn’t just a local success story.

It holds significant weight within the broader Canadian aviation landscape. As Canada’s busiest airport, Pearson serves as a major international gateway, connecting travelers to key destinations around the world.

This prominent role makes its focus on passenger experience crucial. A smooth and efficient experience at Pearson reflects positively on Canadian air travel as a whole.

Furthermore, Pearson’s dedication to innovation can inspire other Canadian airports. By actively implementing new technologies and streamlining processes, Pearson paves the way for advancements across the industry.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing between Pearson and other airports can elevate the overall quality of air travel in Canada.

Looking ahead, Toronto Pearson’s continued success will likely influence the direction of Canadian aviation. As the industry navigates a post-pandemic landscape, Pearson’s commitment to operational excellence and passenger well-being can serve as a valuable model for other airports.

By maintaining its leadership position, Toronto Pearson furthers Canada’s reputation as a provider of exceptional air travel experiences.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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