Tokyo Metropolitan Government opens “#Tokyo Tokyo BASE” at Haneda International Airport

View of Tokyo Metropolitan Government store at Tokyo Haneda Airport
Photo Credit: Tokyo Metropolitan Government

This month, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government unveiled its latest initiative – the “#Tokyo Tokyo BASE” at Terminal 3 of Haneda International Airport.

Serving as Japan’s ‘gateway to the sky’, this project aims to showcase the unique blend of tradition and modern culture that has defined Tokyo since the Edo period.

This enticing venture not only offers an array of captivating “Tokyo Omiyage” (Tokyo Souvenirs) but also provides immersive Japanese cultural experiences and workshops, thereby cementing Tokyo’s appeal as a must-visit destination.

Unveiling the Tokyo Omiyage Experience

“#Tokyo Tokyo BASE” at Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND) is a testament to the Metropolitan Government’s commitment to fostering a bridge between cultures, captivating both Japanese and international visitors.

This dynamic space is not just a souvenir store; it’s an invitation to explore Tokyo’s rich heritage and contemporary allure. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has collaborated with private businesses to curate a diverse range of souvenirs.

From traditional handicrafts that reflect the city’s timeless beauty to stationery and gourmet foodstuffs that encapsulate its modern vibrancy, the store offers a carefully curated selection of “Tokyo Omiyage.”


Cultural Experiences

Beyond its offerings of souvenirs, “#Tokyo Tokyo BASE” seeks to immerse visitors in the heart and soul of Tokyo through hands-on cultural experiences.

Workshops that showcase traditional Japanese crafts, art forms, and cultural practices are conducted within the store’s welcoming premises.

These interactive sessions not only allow visitors to engage with Tokyo’s history but also provide them with a chance to create lasting memories through active participation.

Hello Kitty and Hakken

To add a touch of magic to the store’s opening, two captivating personalities graced the occasion. The beloved Sanrio character, Hello Kitty, and the charismatic cosplayer and Tokyo Tourism Ambassador, Hakken, made special appearances at the opening ceremony and in-store event.

Their presence not only brought excitement but also reinforced the city’s commitment to fostering a warm and inclusive atmosphere.

Photo Credits: Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Hakken’s Perspective

Hakken, renowned for his cosplay and advocacy of Tokyo’s vibrant culture, shared his enthusiasm for the new store. He expressed his curiosity about the offerings and experiences that “#Tokyo Tokyo BASE” would present.

During his visit to the store, Hakken explored the omikuji (fortune-telling strips) and was particularly drawn to the cypress fan, praising its calming fragrance. His endorsement added a personal touch, reinforcing the appeal of the store’s offerings.

Tokyo’s Diverse Charms

Akiko Matsumoto, Deputy Director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, articulated the essence of “#Tokyo Tokyo BASE” in her opening remarks.

She emphasized the aim of the store – to offer visitors an authentic glimpse into the diverse and enchanting facets of Tokyo.

Through carefully selected souvenirs, interactive workshops, and the involvement of iconic personalities, the store embodies Tokyo’s spirit of embracing both its heritage and modernity.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
4 Min Read
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