Thomas Woldbye Resigns as CEO of Copenhagen Airports to Join Heathrow

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After serving as the CEO of Copenhagen Airports A/S for 12 years, Thomas Woldbye has announced his resignation to take up the position of CEO at Heathrow Airport in London, UK.

Woldbye will continue in his role as CEO of Copenhagen Airports until September 30, 2023, while the Board of Directors in Copenhagen Airports A/S initiates the process of finding a new CEO.

Copenhagen Airport A/S Chairman statement

Lars Nørby Johansen, Chairman of the Board, expressed his sentiments on Thomas Woldbye’s decision, saying, “I receive the news of Thomas Woldbye’s resignation with deep sadness, but I hold nothing but respect and understanding for his choice to accept the offer as CEO of Heathrow Airport.”

“Woldbye has been an exceptionally successful CEO of Copenhagen Airports A/S, leading the airport through a period of growth, with passenger levels rising from 20 to 30 million over the span of 8 years.”

“Additionally, his steady leadership steered us through the challenging times of the Covid pandemic. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I extend my gratitude to Thomas Woldbye for his 12 years of dedicated service as CEO of Copenhagen Airports A/S.”

“With the support of our strong management team, Woldbye has positioned the airport strategically, enabling us to continue our vision of being the Architects of the Future Airport.”

“As Woldbye steps down, the Board of Directors has already commenced the process of identifying the next CEO of Copenhagen Airports,” concluded Chairman Johansen.


Thomas Woldbyne statement

Addressing his resignation, Thomas Woldbye stated, “There is never an ideal time to leave, but now that we have overcome the worst impacts of the Covid crisis, the airport is well-positioned for a full recovery with robust plans for the future.”

“I am proud of our achievements and the airport that I can confidently pass on to my successors. It has been a journey with its ups and downs, but our focus on customers, the future, the quality of our operations, our societal role, and the dedication of our staff has remained unwavering.”

Woldbye further expressed his gratitude towards the Board, the management team, and the employees of Copenhagen Airports: “Throughout my tenure at Copenhagen Airports, I have had the privilege of working with highly competent and dedicated colleagues.”

“Like many other companies, Copenhagen Airports A/S has faced significant challenges over the past couple of years during and after the Covid pandemic.”

“However, the airport’s employees have tirelessly ensured the continuity of our daily operations and strived to deliver the best possible experience for the passengers traveling through Copenhagen Airports.”

“It saddens me to bid farewell to all my colleagues, but I have full confidence in their unwavering commitment to ensure a prosperous and exciting future for Copenhagen Airports A/S.”


Thomas Woldbye’s resignation as CEO of Copenhagen Airports A/S marks the end of an era for the airport. His leadership and achievements have positioned the airport for success and growth, leaving behind a strong foundation for the incoming CEO to build upon.

The Board of Directors will now focus on identifying a new CEO who can carry forward the legacy and further elevate Copenhagen Airports to new heights in the future.

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