Strong start to 2023 for London City Airport

A view across London City Airport
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London City Airport (LCY) has recorded its strongest start to a year since the global pandemic began. In January this year, 217,000 passengers used the airport. This was followed by 225,000 in February.

The February number, while up 82% on the previous year, was supressed by 3 days of significant fog disruption in and around the capital, causing a number of cancellations.

Busiest European routes

Amsterdam, Edinburgh and Zurich remained the 3 busiest routes for the airport, with Zurich benefitting in particular by a resurgence in ski holidays.

With the best on-time performance record of all London airports in 2022, the latest figures show that 83% of all flights departed LCY on schedule.

LCY is also continuing to deliver a unique product that is loved by Londoners and Europeans alike. Its Net Promoter Score remains ‘excellent’ and the best of all London airports at 57.

Improved security screening procedures

Central to this score has been the airports ability to consistently deliver a start to finish security screening process in under 3 minutes, on average. 

And in their recent announcement, the London airport says that it is set to get even better. LCY already has 2 new generation, CT security scanning lanes in operation.

From mid-March a third will be added, and the last old generation machine taken out of service. The final new generation lane will be added at the end of March.

This will essentially mean that anyone flying through LCY in the run up to Easter will be able to keep laptops and liquids up to 2 litres inside their bag.

CEO comments

Commenting of the latest figures, and looking ahead as the year progresses, London City Airport CEO, Robert Sinclair said: “London City is continuing to move in the right direction.”

“The start of the year has been in line with expectations, but we will see a step change from the Easter period onwards and we will be geared up to serve close to 2019 levels of passengers in periods through the summer.”

“And the good news for anyone planning a holiday or a business trip is that we will be the first mainstream UK airport to offer a fully CT security experience from the end of this month.”

“The new lanes will not only cut hassle, but also cut queuing times, which I know passengers will love.”

In terms of route restarts this month, British Airways will begin flying to Nice from March 14 and, further ahead, Jersey will return to the airport’s departure board from April 20.

About LCY

London City Airport is the fifth busiest airport serving the London area and the fourteenth busiest airport in the United Kingdom.

The airport has a single runway and primarily serves short-haul flights to destinations in Europe. It is known for its convenient location, as it is located closer to the city centre than many other airports serving London. As a result, it is a popular choice for business travellers and those who need to get to and from the city quickly.

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