Storm Poly causes flight cancellations and delays at Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Schiphol control tower.
Photo Credit: Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is currently experiencing significant disruptions in flight operations due to Storm Poly. On Wednesday, airlines operating at Schiphol Airport were forced to cancel over 300 flights to and from the Amsterdam area.

The adverse weather conditions caused by Storm Poly have led to widespread delays and cancellations, and the flight situation may further deteriorate as the day progresses.

Current Schiphol situation

According to the latest weather forecast, the impact of the storm will severely limit air traffic between 09:00 and 15:00 on Wednesday, July 5th.

Strong gusts of wind, heavy rain, and poor visibility have made it challenging for airlines to safely land and depart from the airport. As a result, both arriving and departing flights are affected by these cancellations and delays.

The exact number of flights impacted by the weather conditions is currently uncertain. It depends on the adjustments made by the airlines and the prevailing weather conditions.

The airport has strongly advised intending passengers to stay informed about the situation by checking the latest updates from their respective airlines.

They can also utilize the Schiphol app or visit the official website,, for real-time information before heading to the airport. In case of flight cancellations or delays, passengers should contact their airline directly for further assistance.

Runway restrictions

Under normal circumstances with the current westerly winds, aircraft would be able to operate on the Oostbaan and Buitenveldert Runway at Schiphol Airport.

However, due to safety concerns arising from the combination of strong gusts of wind, rain, and poor visibility, the Oostbaan is not considered a viable option.

Furthermore, the Buitenveldert Runway is currently undergoing maintenance, rendering it unavailable for use.

Even if the Buitenveldert Runway were operational, the majority of take-offs and landings would still be hindered due to the prevailing weather conditions.

Aerial view of the Tower at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.
Photo Credit: Ikreis, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Summer travel from Schiphol

The disruption caused by Storm Poly comes in what is naturally a peak travel period. During the holiday period, from 8 July to 3 September, Schiphol is expecting an average of 68,000 departing passengers each day.

On peak days, the number of departing passengers is more than 77,000. The peak days are at the beginning of the holiday. Depending on the region, the summer holiday in the Netherlands starts on 8, 15 and 22 July.

The number of passengers departing from Schiphol this year is predicted to be 26% higher than in the 2022 summer holiday (daily average of 54,000 travellers) and just below the numbers seen in pre-Covid year 2019, when an average of 73,000 travellers departed from Schiphol each day.


Schiphol Airport has issued a formal statement acknowledging the inconvenience caused to passengers and airlines as a result of the current weather conditions and runway maintenance.

The airport states that the safety of all individuals involved remains the top priority, and these measures are essential to ensure a secure and smooth travel experience.


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