Storm Babet: Several Flights Cancelled From Aberdeen

Storm Babet: Several Flights Cancelled From Aberdeen
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Storm Babet continues to cause chaos in Scotland, as over 10 flights have been cancelled from Aberdeen thus far in the wake of this.

Storm Babet: Several Flights Cancelled From Aberdeen…

Storm Babet: Several Flights Cancelled From Aberdeen
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At the time of writing (19/10/23 @ 1240 UK time), Aberdeen Airport’s winds were 110 degrees at 23 knots, gusting up to 47 knots, which is causing some significant disruption.

As per RadarBox, the following flights have been cancelled thus far due to Storm Babet:

  • Wideroe flight WF363 to Stavanger.
  • Loganair flight LM1 to Oslo.
  • Loganair flight LM51 to Dublin.
  • Loganair flight LM57 to Esbjerg.
  • Loganair flight LM85 to Belfast.
  • Loganair flight LM4 to Newcastle.
  • KLM flight KL1446 to Amsterdam.
  • Loganair flight LM25 to Manchester.
  • Loganair flight LM65 to Birmingham.
  • Loganair flight LM78 to Lerwick.
  • Loganair flight LM36 to the Orkney Islands.
  • Loganair flight LM568 to Durham.

At this stage, it is unclear whether anymore flights will be cancelled as a result of Storm Babet, especially as the storm continues to pass through the Aberdeen area at high intensity.

Winds out of the airport are expected to gust as high as 57 knots, which for many commercial aircraft, is unsafe to perform landings or departures from. Courtesy of METAR TAF, here is the expected changes for today:

TAF EGPD 190455Z 1906/2006 11020G32KT 9999 BKN018
BECMG 1906/1909 10028G47KT 8000 -RA BKN012
TEMPO 1909/2006 4000 RA BKN009
TEMPO 1910/1918 11034G57KT
PROB40 TEMPO 1910/2005 1800 +RA RADZ BKN006

Source: METAR TAF.

With the weather expecting to get worse before it gets better, all eyes will be on the airport to see how many more flights will be cancelled as a result.

This remains a developing story. Any further updates pertinent to the effects of Storm Babet at Aberdeen Airport, we will report it here.

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