Singapore Airlines opens new SilverKris lounge at Perth Airport

Exterior view of Perth Airport at dawn.
Kgbo, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Singapore Airlines has recently unveiled its latest addition to Perth Airport, the new SilverKris Lounge.

Business Class passengers and qualifying frequent travellers now look to benefit from the new offering.

This development furthers the airline’s strategy to enhance customer experience and boosts its commitment to the Western Australian market.

Return to Pre-COVID Frequency

In addition to the new lounge, Singapore Airlines is set to restore its pre-pandemic frequency at Perth Airport, with four daily services scheduled to resume from next month.

This move marks a significant step towards recovery and signals the airline’s confidence in the rebound of air travel demand.

Partnership Between Perth Airport and Singapore Airlines

Kate Holsgrove, Perth Airport’s Chief Commercial and Aviation Officer, emphasized the enduring partnership between Perth Airport and Singapore Airlines, spanning over 57 years.

This strong collaboration has facilitated growth and connectivity, contributing to the region’s economic development and tourism industry.

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Importance to the Western Australian Market

Singapore Airlines holds a prominent position in the Western Australian market, serving as the leading international airline in terms of seat capacity.

Annually, the airline delivers over 930,000 seats to Perth, fostering business, education, trade, and tourism links between Singapore and Western Australia.

Benefits of the New SilverKris Lounge

The inauguration of the new SilverKris Lounge signifies a milestone for Singapore Airlines, enhancing the travel experience for premium passengers.

Business Class travelers and qualifying frequent flyers can now enjoy enhanced amenities and services in Perth.

Photo Credits: Perth Airport

Increased Connectivity and Options

The airline now plans the addition of a fourth daily service from Singapore. This means travelers from Perth gain access to an expanded network of destinations across Asia, Europe, and the USA.

This increased connectivity opens up more opportunities for leisure and business travel, catering to diverse passenger needs.

Details of the Fourth Daily Service

The fourth daily flight will be operated using an Airbus A350-900. The widebody aircraft boasts 303 seats, including 40 business and 263 economy seats. This modern aircraft ensures a comfortable and efficient travel experience, accommodating the growing demand for flights to and from Perth.

A Singapore Airlines Airbus approaching to land.
BriYYZ from Toronto, Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Impact on the Perth Market

The introduction of the additional service translates to an annual influx of 220,584 more seats into the Perth market, offering passengers greater flexibility and convenience in their travel plans.

It also reinforces Perth’s status as a key aviation hub in the region.

Economic Contribution and Tourism Benefits

Singapore Airlines’ continued presence and expansion in Western Australia has significant economic implications for the state. Tourism alone injects $260 million into the state’s economy last year.

The airline plays a vital role in attracting international visitors and fostering economic growth.

Singapore Airlines has been instrumental in bridging Western Australia with the rest of the world, facilitating trade, tourism, and cultural exchange.

The airline’s commitment to excellence and innovation further strengthens its position as a preferred choice for travelers.

Future Prospects and Growth Opportunities

Looking ahead, Singapore Airlines remains committed to enhancing connectivity and providing unparalleled service to passengers.

As travel demand rebounds and markets recover, the airline is poised to seize growth opportunities and continue contributing to the prosperity of Western Australia.

The opening of the new SilverKris Lounge and the reinstatement of the fourth daily service underscore Singapore Airlines’ dedication to serving the Western Australian market.

With enhanced facilities, increased connectivity, and a focus on customer satisfaction, the airline reaffirms its position as a leading carrier in the region.

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