Sharjah Airport reports record performance in 2023

Personnel at Sharjah Airport
Photo Credit: Sharjah Airport

Sharjah Airport Authority (SAA) celebrated a remarkable year in 2023, reporting significant growth in passenger traffic, cargo volumes, and network expansion.

These achievements were unveiled during the annual airport management meeting held at Buhais Geology Park in Al Madam, Sharjah.

Key Highlights 2023

Passenger Growth: Over 15.3 million passengers travelled through Sharjah Airport in 2023, representing a 17.4% increase from 2022, solidifying the airport’s position as a prominent global travel hub.

Cargo Surge: Air cargo volumes jumped to over 141,000 tonnes, reflecting the airport’s robust logistics capabilities.

Network Expansion: Seven new passenger destinations were added, including Kuala Lumpur, Kazan, Samara, Lar, Indore, Bangkok, and Phuket. Three new air cargo destinations were also established: Houston, Kigali, and Nasik.

HE Ali Salim Al Midfa, Chairman of SAA, emphasized the commitment to delivering efficient, top-notch services and meeting the growing demand. He highlighted the ongoing development efforts saying:

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“We will continue our expansion and development efforts in line with our aim to enhance the infrastructure and services provided, especially in the realm of self-travel to meet the expectations of the airline community, keeping our focus on offering distinctive travel experience for all passengers while expanding the airport’s network and connectivity.”

HE Sheikh Faisal bin Saoud AlQassimi, Director of SAA, attributed the success to unwavering focus on service excellence, technological advancements, and strategic partnerships. 

“The notable rise in the number of passengers travelling through Sharjah Airport comes as the result of the Authority’s unwavering commitment to deliver top-notch services and stay in line with recent technological developments, thus ensuring a fast and comfortable travel experience that positions the airport as a preferred travel hub,” he stated.

“Furthermore, we confirm our ongoing efforts to elevate the reputation of the airport on a global level, especially in light of our active participation in international forums, robust partnerships and collaboration to build the business ecosystem and diversify the options for customers.”

Top Destinations and Initiatives

India retained its top position among international travel destinations, followed by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Doha emerged as the most preferred city, witnessing a 95% growth in passengers.

In line with the Authority’s commitment to meet the surging demand and increase the operational capacity of the airport, it included seven new destinations for passengers.

These included Kuala Lumpur City in Malaysia, Kazan and Samara cities in Russia, Lar in Iran, Indore in India, Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand.

SAA actively participated in key aviation events like World Travel Market and Air Cargo Africa, showcasing its services and commitment to sustainability.

The “Promising Generations Initiative” empowered young talents to design innovative solutions for the airport.

Awards and Recognitions

Sharjah Airport’s dedication to sustainability, health, safety, and service excellence was recognized through local and international awards.

These included its accreditation as an age-sensitive institution, the 2022-2023 Future Leaders Award for sustainability efforts, and 100% compliance with International Health Regulations.

The readiness of public health and safety accreditation, and customer experience at airports – Level II, further validated the airport’s commitment to passenger well-being and satisfaction.

Future Vision for SAA

The ongoing expansion project, with a completion target of 2027, aims to transform Sharjah Airport into a world-class travel hub catering to 20 million passengers.

The project entails separate arrival and departure areas, increased self-check-in options, new roads and parking facilities, and overall service enhancements.

Overall, 2023 marked a period of exceptional growth and innovation for Sharjah Airport.

With a solid foundation of achievements and a clear vision for the future, the airport is poised to continue its upward trajectory and solidify its position as a leading regional and global travel destination.

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Sharjah Airport Authority (SAA) celebrated a record year in 2023, with significant growth in passenger traffic, cargo volumes, and network expansion.
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