Sharjah Airport records over 4mil passengers in Q3

View of flightline at Sharjah International Airport in the evening.
Photo Credit: Sharjah Airport

Sharjah International Airport (SHJ) in the United Arab Emirates has experienced a remarkable presence in passenger traffic with over 4 million in the third quarter of 2023, recording a rise of over 12 percent compared to the same period last year

The Skyward Ascent

With over 4 million passengers passing through its terminals during this period, SHJ also experienced an impressive surge in commercial aircraft movements.

In addition to the substantial growth in passenger numbers, the airport also witnessed a substantial increase in air traffic, with over 26,000 flights taking off and landing.

This surge can be attributed to the advancements made in the airport’s services, coupled with ongoing development activities aimed at enhancing the overall travel experience.

Photo Credit: Sharjah Airport

Freight Hub

The growth isn’t limited to passengers alone. The volume of freight handled during this period reached a staggering 35,000 tons.

Furthermore, SHJ handled more than 3,000 tons of sea-air freight. This impressive feat reflects Sharjah International Airport’s unwavering commitment to enhancing efficiency and its capacity to respond swiftly to freight operations that demand meticulous attention.

Whether it’s handling, shipping, or storage, SHJ continues to set new standards.


Sharjah Airport-night shots Efraim Evidor/ITP Images
Sharjah Airport-night shots Efraim Evidor/ITP Images

A Global Hub for Aviation

In its quest to position SHJ as a leading hub for aviation and travel on both regional and international fronts, the Authority is dedicated to providing essential facilities to regional and international airlines.

By expanding the number of destinations covered by the airport, Sharjah International Airport aims to strengthen its presence in global and regional aviation exhibitions.

These endeavors are poised to elevate SHJ’s status both regionally and globally.

Customer Service Week: Enhancing Passenger Experience

To realize its vision of being one of the top five regional airports offering world-class travel experiences and services, Sharjah Airport Authority organized the globally celebrated “Customer Service Week” initiative during the first week of October.

The primary goal of this initiative was to showcase the self-service facilities available at the airport, thereby promoting a culture of communication and service excellence.

As part of this initiative, the Customer Service Department collaborated closely with Sharjah Aviation Services, the airport’s official ground handling service provider, and passport control.

Together, they streamlined the self-service travel process, simplifying it for passengers. This involved printing boarding passes and luggage tags, delivering them to the self-baggage drop, and facilitating a seamless transition to passport control procedures.

Passengers can then proceed to the automatic boarding pass verification through the smart gates. After this hassle-free process, travelers can comfortably board their flights via the new electronic gates.

Sharjah Airport Authority Comments

Dr. Ahmed Alhmoudi, Director of the Customer Service Department, affirmed the airport’s unwavering dedication to innovation and smart services.

He stated, “Sharjah Airport Authority consistently strives to offer innovative and smart services that elevate the passenger travel experience and adhere to the highest international standards of quality.”

“As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering a distinctive and comfortable travel experience that enables passengers to spend more time in the airport facilities, we have made sure to assist and guide travelers on how to use the available smart services and technologies within the airport through the Customer Service Week initiative.”

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