Schiphol’s Multi-Billion Euro Investment in Airport Infrastructure

Aerial view of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
Photo Credit: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) is prioritising quality at the airport in its investments over the coming years. Between 2024 and 2027, the airport is investing three billion euros into catching up on maintenance and upgrades.

In a strategic move, Schiphol is committing a staggering three billion euros between 2024 and 2027 to address maintenance backlogs and implement critical upgrades.

The Necessity of Catching Up

For many years, Schiphol Airport focused primarily on cost reduction and rapid growth. However, this intense focus on expansion resulted in a neglect of essential maintenance and infrastructure improvements.

Recognizing the need for a shift in priorities, Ruud Sondag, CEO of Schiphol, acknowledges, “After too much of a focus on costs and growth for many years, we must now play catch-up in order to offer employees, travelers, and airlines the necessary quality.”

This admission highlights the airport’s commitment to enhancing the quality of its services and infrastructure.


Amsterdam Schiphol Comprehensive Overhaul

The multi-billion-euro investment will touch various critical components of Schiphol Airport, ensuring that the traveler experience remains top-notch:

Pier Upgrades (Pier C)

Pier C, dating back to 1967, is set to undergo a comprehensive renovation. This includes technological advancements, sustainable improvements, spatial layout enhancements, and upgraded seating arrangements.

The upcoming tender for the design of the pier marks the beginning of this transformation.

Baggage System and Basement

Large sections of the current baggage system will be replaced. Simultaneously, construction of a new baggage basement will commence, increasing capacity.

This allows for a more efficient and reliable baggage handling process.

Lounge Enhancements

Lounge 1 and 2 are already undergoing renovations to address bottlenecks and expand services. This includes adjusting walkways and providing an extended range of amenities, improving the overall passenger experience.

Walkways, Lifts, and Passenger Bridges

Over 200 walkways and lifts are due for renewal, ensuring passengers can move seamlessly through the airport. Additionally, 18 passenger bridges will be replaced, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Pier A Development

Pier A, a significant construction project, is progressing steadily. Half of the aircraft stands are already operational, and the rest will be ready in January 2024.

Nederland, Schiphol, 12-10-2021 – Fotografie voor Schiphol. – baanonderhoud Kaagbaan/ kruising – PHOTO AND COPYRIGHT ROGER CREMERS

Quality of Service

Schiphol Airport recognizes that quality of service hinges on the condition and performance of its assets. Therefore, the airport conducts round-the-clock maintenance to ensure that all facilities deliver optimal operational performance.

As Schiphol invests in the replacement and renewal of its infrastructure, it is laying the foundation for an airport that meets the highest standards of efficiency and traveler satisfaction.

Prioritizing Safety

Safety is paramount in the aviation industry, and Schiphol is committed to ensuring the safest possible airport processes. Several key safety initiatives include:

Dual Taxiway Quebec

To enhance airside safety, the project to transform Quebec into a dual taxiway is nearing completion. This improvement will facilitate smoother and safer aircraft movement.

Maintenance of Aircraft Stands and Taxiways

Over the next few years, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport will increase maintenance of airport grounds, focusing on asphalt and concrete. This includes the renovation of aircraft stands and taxiways, ensuring the safety and efficiency of ground operations.

Accessibility Enhancements

Schiphol’s commitment to accessibility extends to adjustments in roads and viaducts. Ensuring easy and safe access to the airport is crucial for travelers and employees alike.

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