Schiphol Airport experiences busiest month of year to date

Aerial view of the Tower at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.
Photo Credit: Ikreis, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has experienced its busiest month of the year to date, with statistics showing that the airport processed over six million passengers in July 2023.

This impressive figure not only makes it the busiest month of the year thus far but also signifies a substantial 16% surge in comparison to July 2022.

More strikingly, this year-on-year comparison underscores a twofold increase of 98% when measured against the passenger traffic of 2021.

The airport’s bustling terminals saw a diverse array of travelers, with popular destinations including Spain, the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, and the United States.

Soaring Numbers and Noteworthy Growth

The numerical upswing in passenger traffic at Schiphol is a testament to its enduring popularity and strategic significance in global air travel.

Notably, the total number of flights to and from the airport in July 2023 was an impressive 40,965, showcasing a commendable 14% growth in comparison to the preceding year, 2022.

This growth trajectory becomes even more pronounced when measured against the passenger numbers of 2021, reflecting a substantial 41% increase in just two years.


Source: Schiphol Airport

Crossing the Six Million Threshold

July 2023 marked a pivotal moment for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, as it crossed the monumental threshold of hosting over six million passengers. This achievement holds particular significance as it is the first instance of such passenger volumes since October 2019.

Within the six million passengers of July 2023, a noteworthy differentiation emerges – 3.9 million passengers either embarked on or disembarked from their journey at Schiphol, while a further 2.1 million passengers utilized the airport as a transfer hub.

Remarkably, within this transfer category, over a million unique passengers are accounted for. This unique counting approach aligns with international standards, where transfer passengers are tallied twice – once upon arrival and again when departing.

Europe’s Allure

With more than 4.2 million passengers engaging in travel to or from European destinations, it’s evident that Europe remains a beacon of attraction for travelers.

This figure reflects an impressive 17% surge when compared to the statistics of 2022. Simultaneously, the allure of intercontinental travel outside of Europe is also strong, with close to 1.8 million passengers engaging in such journeys – a notable 13% increase compared to the previous year.

Photo Credit: Schiphol Airport.

Top Destinations

Intriguingly, Spain emerges as the most favored destination, with a remarkable 287,000 passengers traveling to or from the country in July 2023.

Following closely is the United Kingdom, with over 243,000 passengers transiting to or from its shores. Greece, with its enchanting landscapes, hosted 138,000 passengers during the same period.

The list of preferred destinations doesn’t end here, extending to include the likes of Italy, the United States, and Turkey.

A Look at Numbers and Routes

July 2023 witnessed a total of 40,965 flights to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Of these, an overwhelming majority – 33,301 flights – were destined for European locations, highlighting the enduring connectivity within the continent.

Simultaneously, 7,664 flights were directed towards intercontinental destinations, underlining the airport’s pivotal role as a global hub.

Exterior view of Schiphol Airport terminal.
Shirley de Jong, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

Cargo Movement: A Dip and Insights

Despite the surge in passenger traffic and flight numbers, the realm of cargo flights presents a contrasting picture. The all-cargo flights noted a modest decline of 8% when compared to July 2022, culminating in a total of 1,315 cargo flights during July 2023.

In terms of cargo volume, 113,536 tonnes were transported in the same period. Though this figure showcases a decline of 5% compared to 2022, it’s important to consider the broader context of changing market dynamics.

A complete overview of traffic and transport figures for July 2023 can be found here.

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