Renovated Emirates Lounge re-opens at Brisbane Airport

Interior of Emirates Lounge at Brisbane Airport.
Photo Credit: Emirates

Emirates Airlines is poised to reopen its revamped Emirates Lounge at Brisbane Airport on Saturday 3 February.

Targeting First and Business Class travelers, along with eligible Emirates Skywards members, the The refreshed Emirates Lounge will cater for up to 183 travellers at a time.

The re-opening follows the recent announcement that Emirates will be upgrading its second daily Brisbane service EK430/431 to an Airbus A380 starting from 1 October

A Hint of Opulence

Boasting a newer, modern design infused with Middle Eastern influences, the freshly renovated Emirates Lounge promises to captivate passengers with its visually stunning aesthetics and unparalleled comfort.

Spanning an expansive 1108-square-meter area, the lounge can accommodate up to 183 travelers simultaneously, offering a diverse range of seating options including cozy chairs and sofas, ensuring a comfortable retreat before boarding.


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Interior of Emirates Lounge at Brisbane Airport.
Photo Credits: Emirates

Diving deeper into the Emirates Lounge experience, passengers can indulge in exclusive access to enhanced first-class facilities and amenities.

From a revitalized dining area to pristine shower facilities, complimentary Wi-Fi, and even a dedicated prayer room, every aspect is meticulously crafted to elevate the pre-flight experience.

Moreover, passengers can seamlessly board directly from the lounge, ensuring a seamless transition from relaxation to air travel.

Culinary Delights

Emirates leaves no stone unturned when it comes to culinary offerings. The lounge presents a plethora of gastronomic delights, ranging from local delicacies to Middle Eastern, Oriental, and European cuisines.

From savory Salmon Blinis to aromatic Vegetable Jalfrezi and hearty Chicken Stroganoff, alongside classic desserts including indulgent Vanilla Bean Pannacotta and zesty Lemon Meringue Tart, there’s something to tantalize every palate.

Interior of Emirates Lounge at Brisbane Airport.

Emirates Lounge Network

The renovations to the Emirates Lounge have also included structural updates with the installation of critical systems and come as part of Emirates’ continuous global investment in all aspects of the customer experience.

The Emirates Lounge in Brisbane is one of four lounges in Australia, with Emirates operating 30 lounges across its global network.

Beyond aesthetic upgrades, structural enhancements and critical system installations ensure a seamless and comfortable journey for travelers.

The new facelift aligns with the airline’s continuous global investment in elevating all facets of the travel experience.

Barry Brown, Divisional Vice President Australasia, Emirates, expresses excitement about welcoming customers to the newly renovated lounge. “Since we began operations in Brisbane over 20 years ago, we have been dedicated to serving Queenslanders and supporting the demand for overseas travel and tourism,” said Brown.

“Refreshing the lounge at Brisbane Airport is part of Emirates’ commitment to offering a collection of exceptional airport lounges that extend our world-class inflight experience to the ground and will allow passengers from Brisbane to start their journey feeling relaxed, and ready to enjoy their flight.”

Future-ready Facilities

Gert-Jan de Graaff, Chief Executive Officer, Brisbane Airport, lauds the reopening of the Emirates Lounge, highlighting its seamless connection to the upper deck of the A380 and its contribution to enhancing premium lounge capacity at Brisbane Airport.

This Lounge upgrade also aligns with Brisbane Airport’s broader transformation strategy.

“This renovation coincides with Brisbane Airport’s $5 billion transformation, encompassing upgrades to the Domestic and International Terminals, as well as the planning for Terminal 3, reinforcing our commitment to meet the needs of Queensland’s growing population, and global interest as a favoured destination,” said de Graaff.


The reopening of the Emirates Lounge in Brisbane signifies more than just a luxurious space for passengers. It marks a milestone in Emirates’ journey towards redefining luxury travel experiences.

Coupled with the recent announcement of up-rating its flight services to Brisbane, Emirates continues to pave the way for unparalleled travel experiences, ensuring passengers embark on unforgettable journeys from start to finish.

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