Preview: Inside Auckland Airport’s New Domestic Terminal

Aerial view of new Auckland Airport domestic terminal.
Image Credit: Auckland Airport

Auckland Airport has revealed a first detailed look at the planned interior for the city’s future new domestic jet terminal and what it will deliver for coming generations of passengers. 

The highly anticipated new domestic jet terminal is steadily taking shape, in a design honouring the Manukau Harbour and landscape of Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland.

In Harmony With Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland

Scheduled to open later this decade, the new terminal boasts a functional and intuitive layout inspired by Auckland’s breathtaking natural beauty. It takes its design cues from the Manukau Harbour and surrounding landscape.

From the moment one steps inside, the focus appears to be on minimizing stress and maximizing convenience. A clear and uncluttered design ensures effortless navigation, while calming colors and strategic lighting create a relaxed atmosphere.

Passengers can unwind in comfortable seating areas equipped with convenient charging points, all while keeping an eye on clear and up-to-date flight information displays.

Sustainability at the Heart of the Design

The new terminal goes beyond passenger comfort, placing a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility.

Sustainable construction practices and the use of low-carbon materials, such as wood sub-floors, contribute to a reduced carbon footprint.

Furthermore, the terminal embraces a future-oriented approach by incorporating electric heating, cooling, and ground power units for aircraft, all aimed at minimizing reliance on fossil fuels.

The infrastructure also supports the use of sustainable aviation fuel, paving the way for a cleaner future for air travel.

Interior render of new Auckland Airport domestic terminal

Streamlined Journey from Start to Finish

No more battling the elements on the infamous “green line” walk! Passengers will be thrilled with a quick and comfortable five-minute indoor connection between the domestic and international terminals.

Auckland Airport’s Chief Customer Officer, Scott Tasker gives his comments.  “All our check-ins for both domestic jet and international passengers will be in the same place, making it much easier for travellers.”

When the domestic jet terminal opens an estimated 20,000 travellers will pass through it every day, so it needs to cater to variety of people with different needs in a convenient and dignified way.

This seamless transition eliminates unnecessary stress and ensures a smooth flow throughout your travel experience.

Interior render of new Auckland Airport domestic terminal

But the improvements don’t stop there. Increased processing capacity translates to shorter queues and a faster check-in process.

For added peace of mind, a modern baggage handling system will track your luggage in real-time, eliminating anxieties about lost or misplaced bags.

Furthermore, the new terminal prioritizes inclusivity, offering dedicated spaces for prayer, catering to sensory needs, providing family-friendly facilities, and including gender-neutral bathrooms. This ensures a dignified and comfortable journey for everyone, regardless of background or ability.

Interior render of new Auckland Airport domestic terminal

Building for the Future

When the domestic jet terminal opens an estimated 20,000 travellers will pass through it every day. The vision behind the new domestic jet terminal extends beyond the immediate needs.

This future-proof design boasts a flexible layout that can accommodate additional piers and more aircraft gates as passenger numbers rise.

“We’re already considering today what we might need in two decades time through our masterplan, including how our terminal infrastructure will develop over time,” says Tasker.

“A major feature of the terminal design is that it provides options to expand the main building and add in additional aircraft piers when needed.”

Interior render of new Auckland Airport domestic terminal

When complete the new domestic terminal will have in total 12 jet aircraft gates capable of handling Code C aircraft, such as an Airbus A321. In addition, six gates will be able to take widebody Code E jet aircraft (with 300+ seats) by combining two narrowbody Code C jet aircraft stands.

This adaptability ensures that the terminal remains efficient and functional for years to come. Additionally, the increased capacity of the new terminal translates to a 26% seat capacity boost, potentially paving the way for more flights and potentially even lower fares for travelers.

Exterior render of new Auckland Airport domestic terminal


The new domestic jet terminal is a testament to Auckland Airport’s commitment to providing a world-class travel experience.

While the project represents a significant investment, the rise in airline charges will be modest and remain competitive with other major New Zealand airports.

The new domestic jet terminal at Auckland Airport marks a significant step forward for air travel in New Zealand.

With a focus on passenger comfort, efficiency, sustainability, and future-proofing, this innovative project promises to transform the way Aucklanders travel domestically.

Exterior render of new Auckland Airport domestic terminal

Fast Facts

  • $2.2 billion for new domestic terminal overall. Additional integration costs are $1.7 billion 
  • New terminal to service jet aircraft – the larger aircraft that fly between Auckland and other main centres.
  • 12 jet aircraft gates create 26% more seat capacity, with a further 10% seat capacity available with dedicated domestic bus lounges
  • Transfer between domestic jet and international flights within the terminal
  • Check-in kiosks and automatic bag drops, capable of future upgrades to biometric technology, to speed up check-in process
  • In line with IATA best practice: queue wait times of 4 minutes or less for self-check-in and to drop a bag, less than 7.5 minutes for security, adequate seating at boarding gates, timely baggage arrival with <15 minutes from first bag to last bag on belt
  • Device charging points in 50% of seats in pre-departure dwell 
  • Two baggage reclaims with 180m of belt space – a 70% increase on the current domestic terminal
  • Dedicated faith spaces plus a low sensory room provided for travellers 
  • Changing Places™ bathroom equipped with special features to meet the needs of travellers with profound disabilities who cannot use standard accessible toilets, alongside generous bathrooms for families, as well as gender neutral and accessible bathrooms. 
  • Integrated terminal to be completed in 2028/2029.

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