PM Modi Inaugurates Delhi Airport’s New Terminal 1 Facility

Interior of new Delhi Airport T1 facility
Photo Credit: GMR Delhi Airport

India’s Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has dedicated the expanded world-class integrated Terminal 1 of Delhi Airport to the nation.

Delhi Airport, under the stewardship of GMR-led DIAL, now prepares to commence operations from the revamped Terminal 1 facility.

Delhi Airport’s Terminal 1 expansion embodies a fusion of elegance, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to enhancing passenger experiences.

The consolidation of Arrival and Departure terminals into a cohesive structure significantly increases the overall area, soaring from 55,740 sqm to an impressive 206,950 sqm.

This expansion is more than three times the previous area and augments the capacity from 17 MPPA to 40 MPPA, which is more than double the previous capacity.

Passenger Facilities

The integrated terminal boasts several passenger-friendly facilities using a range of advanced technologies. These include:

  • Facial Recognition System (DIGIYATRA) at all entry gates,
  • 20 Automated Tray Retrieval System (ATRS),
  • Individual Carrier System (ICS), 108 Common Usage Self Service (CUSS),
  • 100 check-in counters including 36 Self Baggage Drop (SBD) kiosks among others.

The terminal also has 10 baggage reclaim carousels, each 70 metres long, against eight of 52 metres each, with ample space between two baggage belts, reducing the waiting time of passengers.

The capacity of the Baggage handling system at T1 has doubled from 3240 baggage per hour to around 6000 per hour.

Interior of new Delhi Airport T1 facility
Photo Credits: GMR Delhi Airport

The number of check-in islands has also been increased to five against four earlier. These would help in the easy flow of passengers and enhance passenger experience.

Apart from these, the integrated terminal will have 24 entry points for ease of entry for passengers. Inside the terminal, passengers can access the following:

  • Shop and Dine facility,
  • Prayer Room, Yoga area and Quiet zone,
  • Lounges and Group seating,
  • Laptop charging stations and mobile charging stations,
  • self-medication room, Baby Care rooms, and smart washrooms.

 The new terminal is also well connected with Delhi Metro at Arrivals and as well as Departures.

Design Concept and Artwork

Delhi Airport’s Phase 3A expansion, a monumental endeavour, positioned Terminal 1 (T1) as a symbol of cutting-edge design and engineering.

The challenge was to seamlessly integrate a larger, state-of-the-art terminal within the bustling airport, all the while maintaining uninterrupted operations.

The project successfully tripled its area and doubled passenger capacity without inconveniencing the passengers.

The terminal was sliced into two parts by erecting a 19-metre-high façade of puff panel.

This façade shielded the operating part of T1 from dust, smoke, and rain during the construction work.

The art and design concept focused on blending existing structures with the new, symbolizing the evolution of flight.

Linear departure gates and an arrival pier along two levels seamlessly integrated the existing and the modern.

The aesthetic plan evokes harmony, reflecting India’s commitment to innovation in aviation infrastructure.

It also boasts of a display of traditional and folk art forms from the remotest parts of India, representing unity in diversity.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr I Prabhakara Rao, Group Deputy Managing Director, GMR Group, said: “As we celebrate this milestone, let us remember that this is just the beginning. The journey ahead is filled with exciting possibilities.”

“We will continue to innovate, collaborate, and push boundaries to ensure that Indian aviation soars to new heights.”

The new T1 facility is set to serve 40 million passengers annually, double its previous capacity. This project is about India’s aspirations and positions the national capital as a gateway to New India.

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