Paine Field renamed “Seattle Paine Field International Airport”

Interior view of Paine Field Airport, Everett WA.
Photo Credit: Alaska Airlines
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Propeller Airports has announced the renaming of Paine Field (PAE) in Everett, WA to “Seattle Paine Field International Airport.”

This strategic rebranding aims to enhance the airport’s visibility among travelers seeking flights to the Seattle area.

With comparable commute times to downtown Seattle as SeaTac (SEA), the new name is set to boost marketing opportunities, attract more tourists, investors, and travelers, while reinforcing its proximity to the region’s prominent business and economic hub.

Serving as Seattle’s hometown carrier, Alaska Airlines already operates flights to 10 destinations from PAE.

Gateway to the Seattle Metro area

According to Brett Smith, CEO of Propeller Airports, the airport has always been considered a second gateway to the Seattle metro area. The rebranding to “Seattle Paine Field International Airport” better aligns with the market the airport serves, providing a more appealing and recognizable name for travelers.

Evolution and opportunities

This renaming marks a significant milestone in PAE’s evolution, bolstering its growth and strategic vision. While embarking on an exciting new chapter, it promises vast opportunities for both travelers and airlines.


It is essential to note that the name change solely affects the airport’s public-facing brand, leaving the PAE location identifier unchanged. No alterations will occur in the airport’s ownership, operations, or functions.

Snohomish County’s vision

Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers emphasizes the importance of growing Paine Field’s marketing and brand. With an estimated yearly economic impact of nearly $60 billion and over 150,000 jobs (including over 46,000 direct jobs), Snohomish County considers expanding the airport’s reach as one of its top priorities.

The name change supports their business attraction and marketing efforts while preserving the historical significance of the Paine Field name.

This transformation ensures that businesses and travelers worldwide recognize the airport as a crucial gateway to the entire region and the world.

Seamless transition

It’s crucial to understand that despite the name change, Seattle Paine Field International Airport will continue to operate as before. The ownership, operations, and core mission of the airport will remain unaffected.

The rebranding is expected to open new doors for the numerous attractions and businesses associated with the airport.

Unveiling Seattle Paine Field International Airport

Established in 1936, Seattle Paine Field International Airport has been a vital driver of the region’s economy. With its current economic impact and impressive figures of over 150,000 jobs (including 46,000 direct jobs) and an annual output of almost $60 billion, the airport holds a crucial position in the region.

As the newest privately-owned commercial air terminal in Washington state, Seattle Paine Field serves a wide range of destinations along the West Coast, including Anchorage and Honolulu.

The airport is a key player in the region, boasting over 550 aircraft, including corporate jets, single-engine recreational aircraft, and vintage warbirds.

A center of aerospace excellence

Internationally, Seattle Paine Field is renowned as the manufacturing and testing center for narrow and wide-body Boeing aircraft. This includes the 767, 777, 787, KC-46, and the newly announced fourth line for the 737 MAX.

The airport’s role in aerospace is undeniable, making it a hub of innovation and progress in the industry.

A tourist’s paradise

Beyond its aviation significance, Seattle Paine Field is also a major tourist destination. Visitors can explore the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour, the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum, and the Museum of Flight Restoration Center.

These attractions offer a unique glimpse into the world of aviation, history, and engineering.

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