Ontario International Airport for heavy July 4th holiday travel

An aircraft climbs out of Ontario Airport at dusk.
Photo Credit: Ontario International Airport

Officials at Southern California’s Ontario International Airport (ONT) expect passenger volume to be 7% higher over the Independence Day Holiday weekend, compared to 2022.

It is predicted that 107,000 passengers will move through the outer-Los Angeles airport between the 30th June and 5th July.

This figure is 13% more than in 2019 during the similar time frame covering Independence day.

Since Ontario serves the greater and wider Los Angeles area, the airport serves as an almost overflow airport for the region.

This idea runs very similar for the likes Burbank and Long Beach, while Los Angeles International itself will take the full brunt and force of people making their way to L.A for the holiday weekend.

Despite this, it is always worthy to note that these smaller airports are not exactly used to extremely busy periods on a regular basis, which puts Ontario and similar airports in a challenging position as the 4th July draws closer.

Furthermore, the CEO of Ontario airport is not letting this factor bring down the ability of the airport and is confident the airport will push through the coming days with ease.


Atif Elkadi, Ontario Airport CEO, went on to say, “Ontario is setting a new pace for airports across California as we experience consistent year over year increases in passenger levels”.

“We are enormously grateful to our airline partners and passengers for their confidence and in return we pledge to provide world class amenities, facilities and services, all of which contribute to the hassle free customer experience that is our hallmark”.

About Ontario International Airport

Ontario International Airport is reportedly the fastest growing airport in the United States, according to Global Traveler.

The airport is located 35miles east of downtown Los Angeles in the center of Southern California and offers destinations to more than two dozen airports across the U.S, Mexico, Central America and even Taiwan.

With this years Independence Day fast approaching the airport is looking forward to increase in both flight and passenger traffic over the next week.

The boost the airport is expecting from this week, is in line with the ONT’s summer forecasts.

As such, the airport has predicted that 1.8 million passengers will use Ontario between Memorial Day weekend (29th May 2023) and the Labor Day holiday (4th September 2023). This figure is a 7.1% increase on last summers passenger numbers.

Effectively this period covers the peak summer travel season, which means these predictions are likely to ring true by the end of it all, with families looking to jet off on their summer holidays during July and August in particular.

It is also not just this year’s summer travel season and Independence Day the airport is looking forward too, with the airport predicting continuous passenger growth over the coming years.

This in turn will mean that every summer and every Independence day and U.S holiday alike will only get busier for the Southern California airport and ONT is looking forward to taking on these challenges as they come.

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