Newcastle Airport Celebrates One Year with Bonza

A Bonza 737 flies over Newcastle
Photo Credit: Newcastle Airport

Newcastle Airport marks a triumphant year in regional connectivity alongside Bonza, Australia’s up-and-coming airline.

Since its inaugural flight, Bonza has revolutionized travel for passengers, seamlessly connecting the Hunter region to the popular tourist hubs of the Sunshine Coast and Whitsundays.

A One Year Milestone

Dr. Peter Cock, CEO of Newcastle Airport, expressed his delight at this significant milestone. “We’re incredibly excited to celebrate one year of Bonza flights operating out of Newcastle Airport.”

“This partnership has been a tremendous addition to our route network and a boon to our region,” he remarked.

“Bonza’s arrival has not only expanded our network but has also been instrumental in boosting passenger numbers. In fact, February marked a record-breaking month, exceeding pre-pandemic passenger levels for the first time.”

Passengers disembark a Bonza Airlines Boeing 737.

“We’ve always known our region has a strong travel spirit, and the overwhelming support from the broader community has been truly inspiring,” Dr. Cock continued.

“We’re equally proud of the experiences our region offers visitors,” he added. “The introduction of flights from the Sunshine Coast and Whitsundays allows tourists to explore our own treasures, including our world-class wineries.”

Looking towards the future, Dr. Cock expressed his enthusiasm for expanding the route network with Bonza. “We’re excited to collaborate further with Bonza and offer our region even more affordable travel options,” he concluded.

Photo Credits: Newcastle Airport

Echoing this sentiment was Andrew Warrender, Executive General Manager for Aviation and Air Freight Business Development.

“The past year has been a remarkable journey for Newcastle Airport, and our partnership with Bonza has been a key driver of that success,” he said.

“Together, we’ve welcomed over 65,000 Bonza passengers, solidifying our position as a vital player in Australia’s aviation landscape.”

“Bonza’s dedication to making travel accessible and budget-friendly perfectly aligns with our vision of connecting people and destinations,” Warrender continued. “This is just the beginning of a promising partnership.”

Bonza operates direct flights to the Sunshine Coast and Whitsundays from Newcastle Airport, utilizing their modern and fuel-efficient fleet. Travelers can book flights through the Fly Bonza app or via their preferred travel agent.

Aerial view of Newcastle Airport

Newcastle Airport and the Hunter Region

Newcastle Airport serves as a critical link, not only for passengers in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, but also for the continued growth and prosperity of the area.

The airport acts as a major gateway, connecting residents to popular destinations like the Sunshine Coast and Whitsundays, fostering tourism and leisure travel.

This in turn injects revenue into the local economy through accommodation, restaurants, and attractions.

But Newcastle Airport’s significance extends beyond tourism. The airport plays a vital role in business development, facilitating the movement of goods and services.

This fosters a thriving commercial environment, attracting investment and creating jobs within the region.

Looking ahead, Newcastle Airport’s vision for expansion, including a potential Code E runway upgrade, promises even greater opportunities.

This could unlock new trade routes, attract further investment in advanced industries, and solidify the Hunter Region’s position as a major economic powerhouse in New South Wales.

The Airport is currently undergoing a $250 million redevelopment, including upgrades to the terminal building and runway, new Premium Covered car park, relocation of the Short Stay car park and road works on Williamtown Drive. 

The Newcastle Airport Terminal Expansion is expected to be completed early 2025. Over the next 20 years, the upgrade and expansion of the runway and terminal will strengthen the region with approximately $12.7 billion in economic activity.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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