New UK start-up Himalaya Jet tours Boeing facility

Delegates of Himalaya Jet at the Boeing facility.
Photo Credit: Himalaya Jet

Members of the new UK start-up airline Himalaya Jet have conducted an invited tour of the Boeing facilities.

The premium long-haul carrier is preparing for a start-up later this year which will see it offer London and Paris connections with the Himalayan region.

Boeing tour

Himalaya Jet, a brand-new UK based airline completed an exclusive Boeing Headquarters tour on Wednesday, 26 April 2023. Representatives of the new carrier conducted the tour at the invitation of the US aircraft manufacturer.

The tour was tailored to showcase how Boeing Aircraft flying over the Himalayas would feel with the ambiance and virtual reality.

The Director of Himalaya Jet Mr. Dipendra Gurung MIoD expressed his sincere gratitude towards Boeing for such a bespoke experience, personalized factory tour and hospitality.

The Gurung Family was assisted by Miss Shree Saini (Miss America) and Mr. AC Sherpa (Honorary Consular General of Nepal for Washington Seattle) during the visit that was followed by a dinner hosted by Boeing.

Himalaya Jet is one of the very few brand new airlines getting the support of Boeing Startup.


Himalaya Jet operations plan

Himalaya Jet is to be established as a premium long haul point to point operator that will connect Europe (London and Paris) with the Himalayan Region. Connections will span both India (Delhi and Mumbai) and Nepal (Kathmandu).

With owners from Nepalese origin, Himalaya Jet will then seek to expand its services to the USA and even Australia in the years ahead, especially with operations from Kathmandu.

Image Credit: Himalaya Jet

The goal of the airline remains the elimination of cumbersome transit while travelling to the Himalayan Regions.

In their release, Himalaya Jet formally thanked the Boeing Company and professionals from Boeing Startup, Commercial, Marketing and other wings.

Airline officials described the visit as “productive discussions, bespoke experience themed around the Himalayas with a flag of Nepal at the headquarter.”

The entry of the new premium airline is planned to be a game changer for the Himalayan Region as it aims to fly in tourists from Europe to the region, thus making a significant impact on the economy of the region.

With support from the Boeing Startup, the venture is preparing to commence flight operations from September this year.

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