Nairobi Airport is on the Cusp of Pre-Pandemic Recovery

Nairobi Airport is on the Cusp of Pre-Pandemic Recovery
Vyneomondi, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

It has emerged that Nairobi Airport is on the cusp of pre-pandemic recovery based on flight movements tracked by

The airport has been weaning in and out of this figure over the last few weeks, with this expected to become more consistent in the short-term.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Nairobi Airport is on the Cusp of Pre-Pandemic Recovery…

Nairobi Airport is on the Cusp of Pre-Pandemic Recovery
Data provided by


For this week, Nairobi Airport is expected to handle 225 movements, based on a seven-day rolling average provided by the flight tracking company.

This represents an increase of 9.22% compared to the same period last year, and is just 13 movements shy of achieving pre-pandemic numbers.

Below is the last four weeks’ worth of data based on the airport’s movement performance:

Date2019 Numbers2022 Numbers2023 NumbersPercentage Difference (2023 vs. 2022)
September 19-26241 movements137 movements237 movements+72.99%
September 26-October 3242 movements164 movements238 movements+45.12%
October 3-10226 movements162 movements242 movements+49.38%
October 10-17235 movements190 movements236 movements+24.21%

What we can see from the data is that Nairobi Airport is either getting very close to achieving pre-pandemic movement numbers, or they are temporarily exceeding it.

This ultimately means moving forward that in the short-term, this will expect to be achieved. As services become more consistent, then this recovery will become more consistent as well.

All eyes are on the airport to see what other services they could add to achieve this on a more consistent basis.

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By James Field - Editor in Chief 2 Min Read
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