Munich Airport showed significant traffic growth in 2023

A line of aircraft parked at Munich Airport
Photo Credit: Munich Airport

Data released by Munich airport shows that air traffic continued to grow significantly for the German airport in 2023.

Overall, Munich recorded 5 million more passenger movements than in 2022, with the total number of aircraft movements increasing by 6%.

On the cargo side, air freight volume reached around 277,000 tons; a rise of approximately 7% year on year.

Overall Growth 2023

Munich Airport experienced a substantial upswing, with a staggering 5 million more passengers recorded in 2023 compared to the preceding year, marking a significant achievement.

The total number of aircraft movements soared by 6%, demonstrating a robust expansion of the airport’s operations.

Air Freight Volume

On the cargo front, Munich Airport handled approximately 277,000 tons of air freight, a substantial 7% increase year on year. This is notable, given the trajectory which the global air cargo sector took across the year, which saw softer demand amid geo-political and economic concerns.


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This healthy year-on-year growth emphasizes the airport’s role as a crucial hub for the efficient movement of cargo and goods.

Passenger Numbers

The positive trajectory in Munich’s aviation operations is vividly portrayed in the 2023 traffic figures. Passenger numbers climbed by an impressive five million year-on-year, reaching a total of 37 million.

Notably, Munich Airport achieved a remarkable 80% of the pre-crisis record level from 2019, underscoring its resilience.

Aircraft Movements and Load Factor

Aircraft movements also experienced a notable surge, escalating by six percent compared to 2022, totaling over 300,000 take-offs and landings.

The seat load factor achieved a record-breaking 81.3%, surpassing 80% for the first time since the airport’s inception, highlighting the efficiency and popularity of Munich Airport among travelers.

Photo Credit: Munich Airport

Regional Focus

In 2023, the focus of passenger development centered on traffic originating from or destined for Munich, witnessing a remarkable 22% surge from the previous year.

Transfer passengers, crucial for hub traffic, recorded a double-digit growth of 11%, showcasing Munich Airport’s pivotal role as a connecting point.

Global Connectivity

With an extensive network of 219 destinations spanning 64 countries, Bavaria’s aviation hub solidified its global connectivity in 2023.

The airport was served by 99 airlines, including nine exclusively dedicated to air freight, reaffirming its status as a pivotal player in international air travel.

CEO’s Perspective: Jost Lammers

Jost Lammers, the CEO of Flughafen München GmbH, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The strong growth in passenger numbers in 2023 shows how well the aviation industry is recovering in Munich.”

“This positive development is a sign of the high demand for air travel among the public and the business community alike.”

The surge in passenger traffic had a cascading effect on air freight, with freight volumes soaring by seven percent in 2023, totaling around 280,000 metric tons.

This dual success underscores Munich Airport’s comprehensive approach to both passenger and cargo services.

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