Munich Airport closes again amid snow and icy runways

Snow removal equipment deployed at Munich Airport.
Photo Credit: Munich Airport

Munich Airport (MUC), one of Europe’s busiest airports, and Germany’s second largest hub, has been closed due to bad weather which has included freezing rain and snowfall.

In a notice issued to social media, Munich Airport (MUC) advised that flight operations would be suspended on Tuesday five December from 6 AM until 12 PM local time.

Munich Airport Closure Tuesday 5 December

The airport cited the reason for the suspension of takeoffs and landings as a fall of freezing rain which occurred through the night from Monday into Tuesday, making safe flight operations impossible through the morning.

It was hoped that resumption of flights would occur after midday today following the de-icing of runways.

Notwithstanding this advice the airport has advised of the possibility of the majority of flights being cancelled through the rest of the day due to safety precautions.


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As a result, the advice that has been issued to passengers is to stay at home unless confirmation has been received that their flight is operating

Earlier Closures

The airport was initially forced to shut down on Saturday, December 2nd, after around 50 cm of snow accumulated on the airfield in less than 48 hours.

Snow ploughs had struggled to keep up with the snow, and the airport’s operations were quickly brought to a halt.

The airport subsequently reopened on Sunday, but it was working at a reduced capacity. The airport’s Christmas market also remains closed today and tomorrow.

Photo Credits: Munich Airport

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