Melbourne Airport Sees Qantas Security Screening Upgrade

Interior view of Qantas check-in at Melbourne Airport.
MDRX, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Qantas passengers are set to benefit from developments at Melbourne Airport. A major security screening technology upgrade is underway, promising a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience.

The project kicked off this week with the construction of a temporary screening area at the eastern end of the Qantas domestic terminal.

Checkpoint Operational from August

This temporary checkpoint will be operational by August 2024, and it brings a welcome change. Qantas domestic passengers will no longer need to remove laptops, tablets, or aerosols from their carry-on luggage.

This temporary area will serve a dual purpose. It allows for the renovation of the existing screening zone. This will see all six lanes equipped with advanced baggage screening and body scanning technology.

This upgrade will effectively elevate the Qantas domestic terminal experience to match other Melbourne Airport domestic terminals. The upgrade measures also fulfill a Australian federal government mandate to strengthen aviation security.

A Qantas Boeing 737 parked at Melbourne Airport.
Robert Frola (GFDL or GFDL), via Wikimedia Commons

World Class Facility

Jim Parashos, Melbourne Airport Chief of Aviation gave comment on the upcoming changes. “The enhanced screening will contribute to a world-class terminal experience for Qantas customers.”

He highlighted the existing strengths of the terminal, boasting “the best food and beverage offering in the country” alongside recently upgraded amenities with increased capacity and improved accessibility features.

“Introducing the latest security equipment is the final piece of the puzzle,” Mr. Parashos continued, “transforming the Qantas domestic terminal into a first-class facility.”

He acknowledged the logistical challenges of installing new equipment while maintaining terminal operations, expressing gratitude for passenger patience during this period.

Streamlined Check-in Process

Darsh Chapman, Qantas Executive Manager Global Airports, echoed the sentiment of a smoother travel experience. “We know our customers love travelling through Melbourne and visiting the Qantas Lounges, cafes, and shops,” Ms. Chapman said.

“These new security screening points will eliminate the need to remove laptops and other items from carry-on luggage, simplifying the process.”

Melbourne Airport signage.
Photo Credit: Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport: Gateway to Victoria

Melbourne Airport, also known locally as Tullamarine Airport, is the second busiest airport in Australia and the main international gateway to Melbourne, the capital of Victoria.

It currently offers a seamless travel experience with:

  • Extensive Network: The airport boasts connections to various domestic and international destinations. This makes it a convenient starting point for your Australian adventure.
  • Multiple Terminals: Whether you’re flying domestically or internationally, Melbourne Airport has dedicated terminals to ensure a smooth check-in process.
  • Modern Amenities: Passengers can enjoy a wide range of amenities, including world-class shopping and dining options, comfortable lounges, and essential services like currency exchange and ATMs.
  • Accessibility: The airport is well-connected to the city center via public transport and offers on-site parking options for those traveling by car.

The cutover to the temporary Qantas checkpoint will lift the bar further for check-in times and general convenience.

Subject to necessary approvals, the entire Qantas security upgrade project is then expected to be completed by December 2025.

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