March Sees Frankfurt Airport Growth Amid Strike Disruptions

Aerial view over Frankfurt Airport tarmac.
Photo Credit: Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Main Airport (FRA) welcomed 4.6 million passengers in March 2024, reflecting a 7.8% increase year-on-year.

This positive trend comes despite several days of strikes that cancelled roughly 2,200 flights and impacted nearly 300,000 passengers.

The growth can be attributed primarily to the earlier Easter holiday this year compared to 2023. However, passenger numbers remain 17.6% below pre-pandemic levels seen in March 2019.

Cargo on the Rise at Frankfurt Airport

Positive news continues for Frankfurt Airport’s cargo operations. Cargo volumes, including airfreight and airmail, rose by 6.3% year-on-year to 178,898 metric tons in March 2024.

Additionally, aircraft movements climbed by 5.7% to 33,969 takeoffs and landings, while accumulated maximum takeoff weights (MTOWs) increased by 5.8% to around 2.2 million metric tons.

Mixed Results for Fraport’s Global Network

The majority of airports within the Fraport Group network also experienced traffic growth in March 2024. Ljubljana Airport (LJU) in Slovenia saw a significant increase of 22.7% year-on-year, reaching 96,440 passengers.

Conversely, total traffic at the two Brazilian airports of Fortaleza (FOR) and Porto Alegre (POA) dipped by 4.4% to around 1.0 million passengers.

Here’s a closer look at some other notable changes within the Fraport network:

  • Lima Airport (LIM) in Peru: Traffic surged by 19.1% to approximately 1.9 million passengers.
  • Fraport’s 14 Greek regional airports: Welcomed a total of 820,438 passengers, reflecting a 12.2% increase.
  • Antalya Airport (AYT) on the Turkish Riviera: Passenger numbers climbed a substantial 23.9% year-on-year to roughly 1.3 million travelers.
  • The two Bulgarian airports of Burgas (BOJ) and Varna (VAR): Combined, they registered a 28.9% decline to 73,501 passengers.

Overall, total traffic across Fraport-managed airports grew by 10.3% year-on-year to approximately 9.8 million passengers in March 2024.

February Traffic Recap: Similar Impact from Strikes

Similar to March, February 2024 also saw a rise in passenger volume (12.9% year-on-year) despite experiencing strike disruptions.

However, strikes resulted in the cancellation of approximately 1,770 flights and impacted roughly 225,000 passengers.

This decrease was partially offset by the additional traffic generated on this year’s leap day (February 29th).

Passenger numbers for February 2024 still remain around 15.0% lower compared to pre-pandemic levels in February 2019.

FRA Gears Up for Summer Travel

Frankfurt Airport’s new summer schedule commenced on March 31st, coinciding with the switch to daylight saving time in Germany.

This summer season will see 83 airlines offering flights to a total of 283 destinations across 90 countries, solidifying Frankfurt Airport (FRA) as Germany’s leading international aviation hub with the most extensive network of intercontinental destinations.

The summer schedule will now remain in effect until October 27, 2024.

Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

Frankfurt Airport (FRA), also known as Frankfurt Main Airport, is the busiest airport in Germany and a major international aviation hub.

It serves as a key connection point for passengers and cargo traveling within Europe and around the world.

Here’s a quick overview of what Frankfurt Airport offers:

  • Extensive Network: Boasts the most intercontinental destinations in Germany, with 83 airlines connecting passengers to 283 destinations across 90 countries during the summer season.
  • Cargo Leader: Frankfurt Airport is a leader in European air cargo handling, boasting significant volumes and efficient operations.
  • Modern Facilities: The airport offers two terminals with amenities catering to travelers’ needs, including shops, restaurants, and passenger services.
  • Convenient Location: Situated just southwest of Frankfurt city center, the airport is easily accessible by various means of transportation.

Despite some recent challenges due to strikes, Frankfurt Airport remains a vital gateway for travelers and businesses alike.

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