Manchester Airport: One of the best summers ever

Interior of Manchester Airport terminal
Photo Credit: Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport, the aviation hub of northern England, has enjoyed a bumper summer travel season. In August, the northern gateway airport served 3.1 million passengers, marking a substantial 13% increase compared to the same month in 2022.

August has been the busiest month of the year for Manchester Airport so far. This surge in travelers is particularly noteworthy as it coincided with the culmination of the summer school holidays.

Passenger Processing Success

One of the standout features of this achievement is the overwhelmingly positive feedback from passengers.

A staggering 98% of travelers reported that they passed through the airport’s security checkpoints in under 15 minutes, with an impressive 79% breezing through in less than five minutes – a record-breaking performance that has left previous figures in the dust.

This achievement was substantiated by a survey conducted among more than 1,000 passengers who passed through Manchester Airport during July and August.

As a testament to the airport, 93% of these travelers rated their overall satisfaction as ‘good,’ ‘very good,’ or ‘excellent.’

The Departures terminal at Manchester Airport
Photo Credit: Manchester Airport.


Recognized Achievement

The Civil Aviation Authority, the regulatory body overseeing airport operations, also bestowed Manchester Airport with its highest rating for passenger services, specifically recognizing its dedication to catering to passengers with reduced mobility.

This accolade is a testament to the airport’s commitment to inclusivity and exceptional customer service.

A Message from the Managing Director

Chris Woodroofe, the Managing Director of Manchester Airport, expressed his pride in serving the communities of the North, encompassing cities such as Leeds, Liverpool, Salford, and Sheffield.

He lauded the collective effort that enabled the airport to deliver one of the most outstanding summers in its history, despite the influx of travelers during the holiday season.

Woodroofe extended his gratitude to the dedicated individuals spread across the airport, including staff members and collaborators from third-party entities such as airlines, ground handling agents, and retail associates.

He acknowledged that while international travel inevitably encounters occasional challenges, the airport’s 100-person resilience team, proficient in various roles throughout the airport, played a pivotal role in promptly resolving any issues, ensuring minimal disruption to the majority of travelers.

Manchester Airports Group Posts Significant Profit

Looking Ahead

With summer behind them, Manchester Airport is eagerly anticipating the upcoming months. September remains a popular time for travelers seeking to soak up the last rays of summer sun without the peak-season crowds.

Additionally, October’s half-term and the festive Christmas season are expected to bring a surge of passengers through its gates.

Looking even further ahead to the next summer, passengers will have an even greater array of destinations to choose from.

Exciting new routes, such as Las Vegas with Virgin Atlantic and Cairo with EgyptAir, are on the horizon, promising more adventure and exploration for travelers departing from Manchester Airport.

August’s Top Destinations

August’s list of top destinations from Manchester Airport mirrors the preferences observed throughout the summer season.

Palma de Mallorca claimed the title of the most popular destination, with an impressive 132,000 passengers traveling to and from the city.

Following closely were Antalya and Dalaman in Turkey, with 101,000 and 98,000 passengers, respectively. Dubai also made a resurgence, securing the fourth position with 91,000 passengers, thereby edging out Dublin from the top five.

Top travel destinations

Here’s a breakdown of the top ten destinations for August:

  1. Palma de Mallorca – 132,000 passengers (inbound and outbound)
  2. Antalya (Turkey) – 101,000 passengers
  3. Dalaman (Turkey) – 98,000 passengers
  4. Dubai – 91,000 passengers
  5. Alicante – 89,000 passengers
  6. Dublin – 86,000 passengers
  7. Tenerife – 85,000 passengers
  8. Amsterdam – 82,000 passengers
  9. Faro (Portugal) – 66,000 passengers
  10. Malaga – 61,000 passengers

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