Manchester Airport marks one year of final transformation phase

View across Manchester Airport
Photo Credit: Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport is now a year in on its final phase of transformation; marking significant milestones over the past 12 months as part of its ambitious £1.3bn redevelopment program.

Let’s delve into the remarkable progress and pivotal moments that have marked the journey so far.

Phase 2 Unveiled

In January 2023, the airport kicked off Phase 2 of its transformation initiative, propelling forward with unwavering determination.

This signified the commencement of a series of endeavors aimed at revolutionizing the overall airport experience.

Photo Credits: Manchester Airport

Demolition and Creation: Building for the Future

February 2023 witnessed the demolition of Terminal 2’s antiquated security and retail hall, paving the way for a modernized infrastructure befitting the airport’s stature.

Simultaneously, the project’s momentum spurred the creation of 500 new construction jobs, breathing life into the local economy.


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Terminal 2’s West Side

March and April 2023 witnessed the fruition of meticulous planning and execution, culminating in the unveiling of Terminal 2’s west side.

Adorned with architectural brilliance, this segment garnered acclaim, clinching the prestigious Prix Versailles award for its timeless design. Passenger feedback was positive, with 93% expressing satisfaction—an accolade testament to the project’s success.

Render of the new Manchester Airport Terminal 2 Departures hall.

Forging Ahead with Phase 2

As the project moved ahead, attention then turned to Terminal 2’s east side—a realm poised for transformation mirroring its award-winning counterpart.

The infusion of 27 new retail outlets, dining establishments, and bars promised to elevate the passenger experience, setting the stage for a grand unveiling in the coming months.

Infrastructure Expansion

June 2023 witnessed the commencement of construction on Pier 2, a monumental undertaking set to redefine the airport’s capacity and efficiency.

Notably, this endeavor aimed to accommodate behemoths of the sky, including the Airbus A380, epitomizing Manchester Airport’s commitment to embracing next-generation aviation.

Sustainability: Innovations in Construction

July 2023 marked a milestone in sustainable construction practices, with the adoption of innovative pre-cast piles minimizing environmental impact—a testament to the project’s eco-conscious ethos.

Furthermore, strides in airfield enhancement underscored a commitment to efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Looking Ahead

Throughout the journey, Manchester Airport remained steadfast in its commitment to community engagement and talent development.

Welcoming apprentices and fostering partnerships exemplified a dedication to empowering the region’s workforce and fostering inclusivity.

As the project enters its next phase, stakeholders express optimism and anticipation for the journey ahead.

With promises of unparalleled connectivity and world-class facilities, Manchester Airport’s transformation journey symbolizes more than mere infrastructure development—it embodies a beacon of progress, connecting the North to global opportunities.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 3 Min Read
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