London Stansted announces plans to extend terminal building

Artists depiction of new London Stansted Airport terminal building development
Image Credit: London Stansted Airport

London Stansted Airport has announced its intention to submit a planning application for an extension to its existing terminal building.

The proposed scheme aims to revolutionize the airport experience and cater to the growing number of passengers by providing a three-bay extension to the building.

Stansted Airport (STN) is one of the UK’s fastest recovering airports, and the extension proposal has a focus on further enhancing capacity.

Gareth Powell, London Stansted’s Managing Director, said:“Our plan to invest in new facilities is great news for our customers, partners, and the region because it will provide additional terminal capacity and a better passenger experience for everyone travelling through London Stansted Airport.” 

“We have used the last few years to conduct a thorough review of the options for the next phase of investment, and it’s clear that extending the terminal is the best way of delivering improved service and new capacity. 

Spacious Departure Lounge

The heart of the proposed terminal extension will be a three-bay addition at the back of the building. This expansion will create a more spacious departure lounge for passengers, allowing them to relax and unwind before their flights.

The enhanced lounge will feature new shops, bars, and restaurants, providing a wide array of options for dining and shopping.


State-of-the-Art Check-In Equipment

To streamline the check-in process, London Stansted plans to introduce state-of-the-art check-in equipment. This investment aims to improve efficiency and reduce waiting times, ensuring a smoother start to passengers’ journeys.

With the latest technology in place, travelers can expect a seamless check-in experience, to minimise stress and optimise convenience.

Increased Baggage System Capacity

Recognizing the importance of handling baggage efficiently, the terminal extension project includes an increase in baggage system capacity.

This upgrade will allow the airport to manage a higher volume of luggage effectively.

Enlarged Security Hall with Next-Generation Scanners

Security is a top priority for any airport, and London Stansted is committed to providing a safe environment for its passengers.

As part of the extension plan, the security hall will be enlarged, offering additional space for more security lanes.

These lanes will be equipped with next-generation scanners, ensuring rigorous yet efficient screening procedures.

Passengers would experience a seamless and secure passage through the airport’s security checkpoints under the expansion proposal.

Capacity for Future Growth

With Stansted projected to surpass pre-pandemic passenger levels in the coming year, the terminal extension plays a vital role in accommodating forecasted growth.

By increasing capacity during busy periods, the airport can cater to a higher number of passengers in the years ahead.

This expansion reflects a comprehensive analysis of the options available and represents the most efficient and timely approach to improving the overall passenger journey.


London Stansted’s proposed terminal extension aims to enhance the airport experience for passengers, partners, and the region as a whole. By investing in new facilities, the airport seeks to provide additional terminal capacity and improve service quality.

With Stansted being one of the fastest recovering airports post-pandemic, Mr Powell said: “The speed with which we’ve seen Stansted bounce back after the pandemic shows how important our airport is in the UK’s aviation system.” 

“The investment we plan to make will enhance facilities for all our airlines, from short-haul low-cost to long-haul full-service carriers, enabling us to continue playing an essential role serving passengers across London and the East of England,” said Mr Powell.

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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