London Gatwick to phase in state-of-the-art security scanners

Baggage scanner at London Gatwick Airport.
Photo Credit: London Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick Airport has partnered with Smiths Detection, a leader in threat detection and security screening technologies, to supply state of the art scanners across the airport. 

The introduction of the new equipment will revolutionize and streamline the security screening process for passengers.

HI-SCAN Technology

The basis of this partnership is the deployment of HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX carry-on baggage CT X-ray scanners, marking a paradigm shift in threat detection capabilities.

These advanced scanners are set to be phased in on all security lanes throughout the London airport, following a set of performance trials.

The primary objective is to swiftly identify potential threats in cabin baggage, prioritizing the safety of passengers above all.

One of the key highlights of this technological upgrade is its commitment to sustainability. The new scanners will render single-use plastic bags for liquids obsolete, contributing to a reduction in waste.


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Not only do these scanners enhance security, but they also embody environmental responsibility. The technology itself is designed to be more energy-efficient and significantly quieter, aligning with global efforts towards a greener aviation industry.

London Gatwick Passenger Processing

London Gatwick’s investment in this leading-edge technology translates into a transformative experience for passengers.

Once the new scanners are fully integrated, passengers will no longer be burdened with the task of removing electrical items or stowing liquids in plastic bags during security checks.

This streamlined process aims to make the security screening experience more efficient, hassle-free, and passenger-centric.

Render of new Gatwick Airport North Terminal interior.
Image Credit: Gatwick Airport

Commitment to Safety and Efficiency

London Gatwick, known for its world-class security operations, has consistently prioritized passenger safety. In the first half of 2023, over 98% of passengers breezed through security in under five minutes—a testament to the airport’s commitment to efficiency.

Cyrus Dana, Head of Security at London Gatwick, affirms, “Our top priority is the safety of our passengers and the security of the airport. This cutting-edge, new generation of technology will ensure a safe and robust experience for our passengers.”

The innovative equipment not only elevates safety standards but also aligns with environmental consciousness.

The airport’s dedication to sustainability is echoed by Andy Evripides, Head of Market at Smiths Detection, who expresses pride in delivering technology that enhances passengers’ experiences while contributing to heightened security levels.

The collective vision is to create a safer world through advancements in airport security.

The Upgrade Process

London Gatwick is actively collaborating with the Department for Transport to upgrade screening equipment and processes across the airport.

This phased approach encompasses both the North and South Terminals, underscoring the commitment to a seamless and thorough implementation of the new technology.

Passenger Guidelines Amidst Upgrades

As these security enhancements unfold, passengers are advised to adhere to current guidelines when passing through security checkpoints.

While the new scanners alleviate certain restrictions, passengers are reminded to follow existing protocols, including placing liquids up to 100ml in clear plastic bags and removing electrical items.

Acknowledging the diversity in the pace of adopting new security technology across airports, the Government recommends that passengers check security requirements with their airline or destination airport before traveling.

This ensures alignment with specific regulations, as some airports may still necessitate the use of 100ml liquid containers and 1-litre transparent bags.

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