London City Airport ends 100ml liquid restrictions and laptop checks

Security screening at London City Airport.
Photo Credit: London City Airport.

The installation of new security scanners at London City Airport has resulted in the ending of hand luggage restrictions for screening of laptops and the 100ml liquid limit.

Next generation security scanners

London City Airport (LCY) has today officially become the first major airport in the UK to deploy next generation security scanners for all passengers.

This effectively enables travellers to pass through security without the need to remove laptops and liquids from their hand luggage.

Passengers flying from the central London airport for the Easter getaway will be the first in London to benefit from the new guidelines.

Removal of 100ml liquid limitation

Passengers will no longer need to restrict toiletries and liquids to 100ml bottles. Bottles with a capacity of 2 litres are also now permitted at London City Airport.

During the screening process, they will also be able to leave laptops, tablets and mobile phones in their bag, as they pass through the streamlined security process.

The introduction follows successful trials last year and positive feedback from passengers. London City expects travel to continue to rebound this year and is preparing to welcome close to 4 million passengers in 2023.

3 April 2023 Permitted Liquids for flights from London City Airport. Photo Credit: London City Airport

Reduction of waiting times and delays

The upgraded security screening methods will mean reduced wait times and delays for passengers during the onboarding process.

Commenting on the improvement the new technology will make, Alison FitzGerald, Chief Operating Officer, said:

 “The new CT scanners will take our passenger experience to another level, reducing the stress and hassle of 100mL liquids in clear, plastic bags and having to unload your hand luggage.”

“The new process delivers a much more efficient security operation with enhanced security screening.”

“We are really confident that this investment will make the experience of travelling through London City even better for the business and leisure passengers using the airport, to quickly and easily get to our many domestic and international destinations.”

Aviation Minister Baroness Vere said: “We’re making sure that all major airports across the UK introduce a new generation of sophisticated security technology, and it’s great to see this being harnessed at London City Airport already.

Leidos CT scanners

The CT scanners, provided by Leidos, a FORTUNE® 500 science and technology leader, will enhance security checkpoints and provide a better travel experience for passengers.

Commenting on behalf of Leidos, Brad Buswell, Senior Vice President and Operations Manager at Leidos, said:

“The combination of our CT scanners and automated tray return system significantly improves the experience at security checkpoints for both passengers and security operators.”

“With London City also leveraging other technological enhancements from Leidos, the airport gains further security enhancements to their operation today, and in the future.”

Upgrade of UK airports

As part of the Department for Transport’s next generation security checkpoint, all UK airports must upgrade to the new system by June 2024.

The CT technology is already in use in some international hub airports such as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and LaGuardia Airport in the United States.

The news comes as London City welcomed nearly 300,000 passengers during the month of March, with Amsterdam, Edinburgh and Zurich the busiest destinations from the central London hub.

The airport celebrated achieving the best on time performance of any London airport in 2022, with 71% of departures in 2022 leaving on time and the best Net Promoter Score of all London airports at 57.


Since 2006, UK travellers had been required to restrict individual bottles to 100ml, fit all liquids into a single, clear plastic bag and remove all electronic items from their carry-on luggage.

As the mandatory upgrades progress, it should be noted that not all airports will be upgrading their security screening at the same rate. Accordingly, travellers should exercise caution and confirm the requirements at their departure airport.

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 5 Min Read
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