Kaunas Airport to undergo major terminal expansion

View of Kaunas Airport
Photo Credit: Kaunas Airport

In a strategic move aimed at accommodating unprecedented passenger growth, Lithuanian Airports has recently inked a EUR 17.7 million contract with INFES, following a successful public tender.

The focus of this collaboration is the extensive expansion of the Kaunas Airport passenger terminal, slated to commence in the first quarter of 2024 and conclude by mid-2025.

Doubling Capacity: A Vital Upgrade

Kaunas Airport (KUN), experiencing remarkable passenger influx, has outgrown its current terminal’s design capacity.

The ambitious expansion project aims to double the airport’s passenger capacity, facilitating approximately 2 million travelers annually.

Arnas Dūmanas, the Director of the Development Department at Lithuanian Airports, underscores the significance of this expansion in aligning with current travel trends and future growth prospects.

The impetus for this expansion is evident in the record-high passenger flows at Kaunas Airport this year, with an anticipated 1.3 million passengers.

To address this surge, both arrival and departure areas will undergo substantial expansion, necessitating the extension of the eastern and western facades of the current terminal.


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Enhanced Facilities

The comprehensive expansion plan includes changes on all three floors of the Kaunas Airport terminal.

Baggage claim areas, Schengen and non-Schengen arrival spaces, and additional passenger areas for waiting, dining, and shopping will be augmented.

 This visionary approach not only caters to passenger comfort but also aims to boost the airport’s revenue through enhanced commercial activities.

Automation Revolution

One of the key advancements in this project is the introduction of automated passport screening solutions.

However, the real game-changer is the deployment of leading-edge scanners for screening passengers’ belongings.

Currently undergoing testing, these next-gen scanners allow three-dimensional analysis of items within luggage, eliminating the need for passengers to remove electronic devices during security screening.

This breakthrough not only expedites the screening process but also positions Kaunas Airport at the forefront of airport security innovation.

While the expansion works are underway, Kaunas Airport assures passengers and partners that normal operations will be maintained.

However, the airport cautions that occasional short-term inconveniences may arise during specific construction periods.

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