Jetex unveils new flagship FBO Terminal in Abu Dhabi

Exterior of new Jetex terminal at Abu Dhabi Al Bateen Executive Airport.
Photo Credit: Jetex

Following a successful redevelopment and upgrade, Jetex has unveiled its new flagship FBO Terminal at Abu Dhabi Al Bateen Executive Airport.

This premium private terminal, after a meticulous redevelopment, combines futuristic design with functionality.

Al Bateen Executive Airport

The legacy of Al Bateen Executive Airport, as the region’s exclusive private jet airport, sets the stage for Jetex Abu Dhabi’s refurbished FBO facility.

Nestled conveniently with center-of-town road connectivity, this airport ensures swift access to the city’s financial, tourist, and entertainment hubs.

Beyond Jetex Abu Dhabi’s futuristic façade lies a rather intimate oasis, adorned with lavish furnishings synonymous with the Jetex brand.

This bespoke experience assures guests of exclusivity and privacy, accompanied by award-winning hospitality. The terminal’s commitment to a smooth passenger experience is evident with on-site immigration and customs support.


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Interior of new Jetex terminal at Abu Dhabi Al Bateen Executive Airport.
Photo Credit: Jetex

Adel Mardini: A Milestone for Jetex

Adel Mardini, the Founder & CEO of Jetex, marks the occasion with enthusiasm, stating, “The opening of Jetex Abu Dhabi marks a milestone for our brand and confirms our commitment to the region.”

Mardini emphasizes the promise of a regal welcome and an unparalleled experience for international guests, aligning with the vision to make every moment memorable at Jetex Abu Dhabi.

Managed and operated by Abu Dhabi Airports, Al Bateen Executive Airport’s VVIP Terminal renovation strengthens the commitment to luxury service.

Elena Sorlini, Managing Director and Interim CEO of Abu Dhabi Airports, expresses dedication to delivering the highest quality service standards to clients.

Propelling Private Aviation

Jetex Abu Dhabi emerges as a catalyst for the private aviation sector’s growth in the UAE capital. The globally recognized brand not only adds value but also opens new opportunities for UAE citizens, residents, and international travelers.

In 2022, the airport completed expansion work, enhancing the runway to accommodate widebody aircraft. The secure apron and hangar parking facilities, accommodating up to 50 aircraft, underline the commitment to safety, compliance, and accreditation.

The operator’s secure apron and hangar parking facilities offer a wide range of ground handling services, ensuring a seamless experience for both travelers and visiting aircraft alike.

Jetex’s Presence in the UAE

With flagship locations in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Jetex solidifies its leading position in the United Arab Emirates, offering unparalleled services and experiences.

Jetex Abu Dhabi stands not just a private terminal; it’s also a key player in stimulating economic growth. By attracting international travelers and enhancing local services, Jetex contributes significantly to the UAE’s aviation and tourism sectors.

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