Geneva Airport Gives Statement Following Stuck Aircraft

Geneva Airport Gives Statement Following Stuck Aircraft
Photo Credit: Geneva Airport.

Geneva Airport has given it’s take on the incident that took place on December 13 when a private jet got stuck in the runway safety zone, causing a temporary flight suspension.

The airport took to their website to detail what happened, with this incident affecting around 6,500 passengers in total.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Geneva Airport Gives Statement Following Stuck Aircraft…

Geneva Airport Gives Statement Following Stuck Aircraft
Photo Credit: Geneva Airport.


In a statement, Geneva Airport said the following on the stuck aircraft:

“At 5.55pm on Wednesday 13 December, a Jet aircraft crossing the runway became stuck in the runway safety zone. This incident paralysed traffic at Geneva Airport until 9.49pm.”

“The airport rescue and fire-fighting service (SSLIA) quickly intervened to clear the aircraft. Although there were no injuries, Geneva Airport‘s crisis unit was activated.”

“During its crossing, the aircraft bit into the grass and its wheels got stuck due to the poor weather conditions of the last few days.”

“Normally, when an aircraft is in the safety zone of the runway, the latter is not passable for obvious safety reasons.”

“Several lifting techniques were used. The first winching attempt failed because of the ground conditions, so the SSLIA quickly switched to another technique, which involved lifting the aircraft with an inflatable cushion under the wing.”

“The crane from the fire and rescue service group was also called in to provide assistance in the event that the cushion proved ineffective.”

“Priority was given to accommodating passengers in hotels. Geneva Airport, with the support of the Civil Protection, organised the deployment of cots to accommodate the 150 or so passengers who could not be accommodated elsewhere.”

“We thank our passengers for their understanding and apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Below is a video provided by Geneva Airport of the scene following the incident:

Video Credit: Geneva Airport.

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