Gatwick Airport Eyes 35,000 New Jobs

London Gatwick Airport
Photo Credit: London Gatwick Airport

This week, London Gatwick Airport (LGW) has revealed that 35,000 new jobs could be created if the Northern Runway is used.

This article will cover the details surrounding London Gatwick Airport’s (LGW) latest update with regards to its Northern Runway being brought into routine use.

Gatwick Airport Potential 35,000 New Jobs

Gatwick Airport Second Runway: Becoming More of a Reality?
Photo Credit: Gatwick Airport

At present, London Gatwick’s Northern Runway is used as primarily a taxiway, but also in emergency situations. We covered an article regarding their Northern Runway planning application.

If approved, the use of the Northern Runway could result in 35,000 new jobs, a good boost to the UK economy.

It is expected that the Northern Runway would more than double the airports’ cargo capacity adding an extra 161,500 tonnes between 2019 and 2038.

This would be helped in hand with the airport looking to focus on long-haul services which would enable not only a passenger volume increase but also connect the airport to more key destinations supporting belly cargo.

Oxford Economics also expects that the airport’s Gross Value Added (GVA) with the Northern Runway being brought into use would increase to £9.8 billion in 2038, more than twice the value that the airport had in 2019, and this increased figure is £2.8 billion higher than if the use of the Northern Runway wasn’t approved or adopted.

Executive Comments

Commenting on their latest update on their Northern Runway, London Gatwick’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jonathan Pollard, has said, “London Gatwick already makes a significant contribution to the local, regional and national economies, through direct and indirect jobs, tourism and global trade opportunities.”

“Many businesses and individuals across the South East are supported by having Gatwick on their doorsteps. We are confident that by bringing our existing Northern Runway into regular use – and therefore offering even more global connections – we can provide a huge boost to the region, for both people and businesses.”

“These latest figures further demonstrate the substantial benefits to be gained through increased capacity and greater resilience at Gatwick.”

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