Enhancing Narita Airport Cargo Handling: ANA’s New Cargo Building

Render of new cargo facility at Narita Airport
Image Credit: Narita Airport

Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA) has unveiled its plans to construct Cargo Building No. 8, a move set to further streamline cargo handling at Narita Airport.

This state-of-the-art cargo facility is poised to become ANA’s largest cargo warehouse, covering an impressive total area of approximately 61,000 square meters, with a substantial 38,000 square meters dedicated to warehousing.

This expansion aims to address the current dispersed cargo facilities at the airport, with ANA planning to commence operations in October 2024.

Streamlining Cargo Operations

ANA, in its bid to meet the ever-growing demand for cargo transportation, currently utilizes six separate cargo warehouses at Narita Airport.

The construction of Cargo Building No. 8 marks a pivotal step as ANA consolidates its cargo facilities into two adjacent locations: the existing Cargo Building No. 7 and the upcoming Cargo Building No. 8.


This strategic move is set to bring about a myriad of benefits, primarily in terms of operational efficiency and space optimization.

Efficiency and Space Optimization

One of the primary advantages of this consolidation is the improvement in the efficiency of the cargo handling system.

By streamlining operations, ANA can ensure the smoother flow of cargo, leading to quicker processing times and reduced transit times for shipments.

This enhancement in the quality of cargo handling can significantly benefit businesses relying on swift and reliable cargo transportation.

A Boost to Narita Airport’s Role

The collaboration between NAA and ANA in utilizing Cargo Building No. 8 is not just about improving cargo handling; it also plays a crucial role in elevating Narita Airport’s status as an Asian gateway.

This development is poised to bolster Japan’s international competitiveness in the cargo sector, facilitating the seamless flow of exports and imports to and from Japan.

Cargo Building No. 8 at a Glance

  • Facility Name: Cargo Building No.8
  • Date of Service: October 2024
  • Area/Structure: Approximately 61,000 square meters (including approximately 38,000 square meters of warehouse area)
  • Structure: Steel-framed, two-story building
  • Cargo Handling: Export, import, cargo transportation between Asia and North America, and domestic cargo

Technological Advancements

To further enhance efficiency and meet the demands of the modern cargo industry, ANA is set to introduce Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) within the warehouse.

These AGVs will automate cargo transfer and storage operations, reducing the need for manual labor and ensuring precise and efficient cargo management.

This infusion of digital technology not only improves work efficiency but also adds a layer of sophistication to the cargo handling process.

Photo Credits: Narita Airport

Expanding Warehouse Facilities

In line with its commitment to providing high-quality services, ANA has achieved IATA’s CEIV Pharma certification in 2017 and CEIV Fresh certification in 2023.

These certifications underscore ANA’s dedication to adhering to the highest industry standards. As part of its expansion plans, ANA will augment its animal and valuables storage facilities, catering to a wide range of transportation demands.

The new warehouse space will be optimized through the installation of automated unit load devices (ULD) racks, expanding storage capacity for cargo from customers, and automating the transportation and storage of ULDs.

These measures not only improve operational quality but also reduce the dependency on manual labor, ensuring a seamless and efficient cargo handling experience.

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