Eindhoven Airport: Record passenger traffic in 2023

Interior view of Eindhoven Airport terminal.
Photo Credit: Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport reached new heights in 2023, welcoming a staggering 6.8 million passengers—marking its highest annual passenger count ever.

This achievement not only surpasses the 6.3 million passengers in 2022 but also eclipses the 2019 figure of 6.7 million by nearly 95,000 travelers.

Taking Flight: 2023 Passenger Record

Eindhoven Airport closed out 2023 with an unprecedented surge in passenger numbers. The average number of passengers per flight in 2023 reached remarkable heights, creating an atmosphere of bustling activity at the airport..

A notable aspect of Eindhoven Airport’s experience across 2023 was the number of  flight movements.

In 2023, the airport recorded a total of 41,496 flight movements, a number that aligns almost perfectly with its licensed maximum of 41,500.

A Comparison Over the Years

To understand the magnitude of Eindhoven Airport’s achievement in 2023, let’s compare the annual flight movements.

With 41,438 in 2019 and 40,252 in 2022, 2023 emerges as a standout year, showcasing the airport’s consistent growth and commitment to providing top-notch aviation services.


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Eindhoven Airport expanded its global footprint in 2023, offering a total of 84 destinations. The top three destinations that attracted the most passengers were Malaga, London (Stansted), and Alicante.

This diverse range of destinations not only caters to leisure travelers but also enhances the airport’s appeal for business and international connectivity.

Busiest Day: September 15, 2023

The record books at Eindhoven Airport highlight September 15, 2023, as the busiest day of the year. A remarkable 24,597 passengers traveled through the airport on this day, emphasizing the airport’s ability to handle peak loads.

This achievement underscores the efficiency and preparedness of Eindhoven Airport’s operational team.

Customer Satisfaction

Beyond the numbers, Eindhoven Airport celebrates not just a record-breaking year but also a year marked by exceptional customer satisfaction.

 Operations ran smoothly, and the airport’s commitment to providing a positive passenger experience reflects in the unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction witnessed in 2023.

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