Edmonton International Airport supports prevention of human trafficking initiative

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Edmonton International Airport (YEG) has taken a significant step forward in the fight against human trafficking by becoming the first Canadian airport to join the Action Coalition on Human Trafficking (ACT) Alberta’s new initiative.

This pioneering effort aims to provide translated materials to Canadian newcomers, specifically focusing on their rights in Alberta.

By offering multilingual resources through QR code stickers in English, French, Spanish, Punjabi, Chinese, and Tagalog, YEG is ensuring that all individuals passing through the airport have access to essential information.

The initiative also extends to YEG’s transportation partners, making it a comprehensive effort to combat human trafficking.

A commitment to safety

“YEG has always been committed to enhancing safety measures for everyone traveling through its facilities. Acknowledging the growing prevalence of human trafficking in communities, the airport recognizes the importance of its role in preventing such heinous crimes,”

Steve Maybee, Vice President of Infrastructure, Facilities, and Airside Operations at Edmonton International Airport, underscores the significance of their involvement in this initiative.

Since 2021, YEG has been working in partnership with ACT Alberta to offer specialized human trafficking awareness training.

This training has been made available to personnel from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), airport security, and leadership staff.


Due to the resounding success and high attendance of the “Human Trafficking Airport Training” organized by YEG, ACT Alberta, and YEG are now expanding their efforts.

The focus is on providing this collaborative learning to all new airport staff at every point of contact and conducting annual refresher sessions. To date, close to 2,000 airport workers have completed this essential training program.

Source: CNW Group/Edmonton International Airport (YEG)

Empowering through Translated Materials

ACT Alberta’s translated materials play a crucial role in empowering potential victims of human trafficking.

Among these resources are documents covering topics such as Temporary Foreign Workers’ Rights in Alberta, Understanding Human Trafficking, Labor Trafficking Awareness, and Sex Trafficking Awareness.

Kate Price, the Executive Director of ACT Alberta, emphasizes that language is often a significant barrier for survivors in understanding their rights and assessing their situations.

Through this partnership with YEG, individuals gain access to vital information in their native languages, enabling them to recognize the signs of trafficking and assert their rights more effectively.

The importance of these translated materials cannot be understated, as they help protect potential victims from falling prey to traffickers’ deceptive tactics.

Traffickers often provide false information about their victims’ legal rights and the requirements for working in Canada. By knowing that Canadian law protects all workers, potential victims are better equipped to resist coercion and exploitation.

This knowledge becomes a formidable tool in the ongoing battle against human trafficking within the country.

A catalyst for change

This collaboration between Edmonton International Airport and ACT Alberta is just the beginning. Both parties hope that other airports and transportation partners across the country will join this crucial initiative to amplify its impact.

Combating human trafficking requires collective efforts and compassionate collaboration. Together, we can work towards ending this abhorrent crime and create a safer environment for all. By uniting our forces, the goal of eradicating human trafficking is indeed within reach.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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