Edmonton International Airport signs on to develop green shipping corridors

Exterior view of Edmonton International Airport
Photo Credit: Edmonton International Airport

Edmonton International Airport (YEG) has signed onto the Transport Canada-led global memorandum of understanding (MOU) to support and accelerate the growth of international green shipping corridors.

Airport City Sustainability Campus

At the helm of this initiative is Myron Keehn, the president and CEO of Edmonton International Airport, who proudly emphasizes the focus on world-leading sustainability and innovation practices at the Airport City Sustainability Campus.

Keehn states, “Our Airport City Sustainability Campus is focused on world-leading sustainability and innovation practices.”

The MOU serves as a testament to international collaboration, aiming to connect green shipping corridors between Canada’s West Coast and key ports in the United Arab Emirates, Korea, and Japan.

YEG’s involvement positions it as a pivotal player in the global logistics community, with a dedicated push towards sustainability.


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Photo Credit: Edmonton International Airport

Ready for Green Shipping

As an inland airport, YEG boasts uncongested access to major rail lines and North American highway networks, providing a strategic advantage for the adoption of green shipping technologies at scale. Notably, YEG is already ahead of the curve in its commitment to sustainability.

The International Cargo Hub expansion at YEG is set to be anchored by a formidable 112 MW solar farm, supported by the Government of Canada with up to $100 million in funding.

Additionally, the Government of Alberta has contributed to this expansion by constructing a new QEII Highway overpass, ensuring efficient access to YEG’s cargo village.

E-Commerce and Drone Deliveries

YEG is actively working on the electrification of the first and last mile of e-commerce deliveries.

In a landmark move, the airport has become the host of Canada’s first-ever operation of commercial drone deliveries, showcasing its commitment to innovation and sustainability in logistics.

Aerial view of Edmonton International Airport
Thankyoubaby, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

2023 Initiatives

In the closeout to 2023, YEG is set to introduce several new initiatives, including the procurement of a fleet of Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

These endeavors mark a clear commitment to decarbonizing all aspects of airport operations, reinforcing YEG’s position as an industry leader.

Edmonton International Airport stands as the sole Canadian airport participating in the MOU, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Port of Vancouver and the Port of Prince Rupert.

This collaborative effort, taking place during COP28 in Dubai, UAE, brings together leaders from various sectors to address climate issues.

On the Road to Net-Zero

YEG is steadfast in its mission to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040. The airport actively forges partnerships and pathways for the adoption of emerging sustainable technologies, laying the groundwork for a greener and more sustainable future.

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