East Midlands: 25th ATC Tower Anniversary

East Midlands Airport Tower
Photo Credit: East Midlands Airport

This week East Midlands Airport has celebrated its 25th anniversary of its Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower.

This article will cover the details surrounding East Midlands Airport celebrating 25 years of its current ATC tower.

East Midlands 25th ATC Tower Anniversary

Photo Credit: East Midlands Airport by Thomas Nugent, CC BY-SA 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Back in 1999, East Midlands Airport’s current 51-metre tall ATC Tower replaced their older smaller tower.

Their tower is the fourth tallest in the UK and back in 1999, cost £3.5 million to build. This included using 12 reinforced concrete pillars, which is counter-balanced by 1,000 litres of water. Weighing a total of 1,000 tonnes.

The airport has airspace control up to 10,500 feet and covers a total of 150 square miles.

However, whilst their current tower is adequate, the airport is carrying out a £22 million investment to upgrade to its ATC and Navigation systems. These upgrades include –

  • Improved ATC Systems to future proof and support growth in demand of the airports operations.
  • New integrated electronic displays the speed up controllers access to important information that they rely on for their duties.
  • Improved radar and displays to better reflect the layout of the airport and its airspace.

Not only is the airport upgrading its ATC Systems, but also upgrades to resurfacing the taxiways. Also, passengers will see improvements to the security hall, toilet facilities, Rapid Drop-Off, and better heating and cooling for the terminal.

The investment program is a £120 million total figure for all that will be done at the airport. However, it will see the airport being capable of supporting its continued growth and future plans.

Senior Comments

Commenting on the anniversary and investment, East Midlands Managing Director, Steve Griffiths, says, “The Air Traffic Control tower is a vital part of the airport and over the last 25 years has become an iconic sight on the local skyline.”

“Our team do a fantastic job keeping flights running safely 24/7 all year round. As well as our passenger numbers having grown back to above four million a year, we have the busiest air cargo operation in the UK, so the people working in the tower have a highly demanding role.”

“I’m pleased that the tower’s 25th year sees the start of significant investment in the latest technology to help the team carry out that crucial role and future-proof it for at least the next quarter of a century.”

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