Dulles Airport solar project will power 37,000 homes

Render of a Dulles International Airport Solar array viewed from the air.
Image Credit: Dulles International Airport

Officials from Dominion Energy and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) were joined by federal, state and local leaders Tuesday to break ground on the Dulles Solar and Storage project at Dulles International Airport (IAD), VA.

Once completed, it will be the largest renewable energy project ever developed at a U.S. airport. It will generate up to 100 megawatts (MW) of solar energy and store up to 50 MW of power, enough clean energy to power more than 37,000 Virginia homes at peak output.

All the energy produced will be fed back to serve Dominion Energy Virginia customers.

Path to Sustainability

Upon its completion, the Dulles Solar and Storage project is primed to stand as the largest renewable energy venture ever undertaken within a U.S. airport’s premises.

The sheer magnitude of its impact is emphasized by its capability to generate a staggering 100 megawatts (MW) of solar energy.


Even more impressively, it will possess the capacity to store up to 50 MW of power, a formidable feat that will provide clean and efficient energy to power more than 37,000 homes in the state of Virginia at the peak of its output.

This energy will be fed into Dominion Energy’s infrastructure, offering a green and reliable energy source to its Virginia customers.

Uniting Renewables and Storage

The significance of this project extends beyond its impressive energy generation capacity.

By merging emissions-free renewable energy with cutting-edge energy storage technology, the Dulles Solar and Storage project embodies Dominion Energy’s commitment to an “all of the above” approach in delivering increasingly clean energy to its customers.

This forward-looking strategy represents a critical step towards a more sustainable and resilient energy landscape.

Image Credits: Dulles International Airport

Statements from Industry Leaders

Bob Blue, the esteemed Chair, President, and CEO of Dominion Energy, aptly summarized the significance of this endeavor, stating, “This is an exciting moment for the future of clean, reliable energy, not only for Virginia but for the entire nation.”

“Thanks to our strong partnership with MWAA, millions of travelers flying in and out of Dulles every year will see this powerful symbol of the clean energy transition.”

“Just as air travelers can always count on Dulles to reach their destination, our customers can always count on us to deliver reliable and increasingly clean energy.”

Jack Potter, the President and CEO of MWAA, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the groundbreaking nature of the partnership.

He remarked, “This partnership will result in the largest renewable energy project ever developed at a U.S. airport. It’s just one of many ways the Airports Authority is constantly working to be a good steward of the environment.”

“We look forward to working with Dominion Energy to help provide emission-free electricity to serve the growing energy needs of the Dulles community and the National Capital Region.”

Political Backing

Senator Mark Warner emphasized the historic nature of the project, calling it “a first-of-its-kind renewable energy project at a major U.S. airport.”

He expressed hope that this partnership would set an example for future renewable energy initiatives across the nation, contributing to a greener and energy-independent future.

Senator Warner’s sentiments are buoyed by the recent bipartisan infrastructure law and the Inflation Reduction Act, which promise additional federal investments in clean energy, solidifying Virginia’s position as a pioneering state in innovative clean energy production.

Dulles International Airport Layout

The expansive scale of the Dulles Solar and Storage project encompasses 835 acres nestled within the southwest corner of Dulles International Airport. Construction, scheduled to commence in late 2023, is projected to culminate by late 2026.

Beyond its environmental impact, the project is set to usher in significant economic advantages for Loudoun County and the broader region.

The construction phase alone is anticipated to provide employment for over 300 individuals, fostering an economic injection of $200 million.

The fruition of the Dulles Solar and Storage project was attained through meticulous planning and rigorous assessments.

It secured its final endorsement earlier this year following an extensive, multi-year evaluation conducted by esteemed bodies including the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, and Virginia State Corporation Commission, in addition to various state and federal agencies.

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